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API development Services

Being a website development company. Salesqueen’s API development services are tailored for organizations. Similarly, to collaborate and share data between their custom apps and third-party apps. Also, we take a unique method while adhering to the REST architecture. Likewise, the Application Programming Interface, or API, is a technology. Moreover, that has brought new business models and tactics, for products all over the world. Similarly, it has become a necessary component of apps. Also, since it allows users to communicate with other programs and software more easily. Likewise, this isn’t, however, the only factor driving API adoption today. API management has advantages for both organizations and developers. Making them a one-stop shop for high-quality application development. Moreover, it’s a set of software programs that permits data to be transferred from one software application to another in technical terms. It also includes the terms of this data transfer.

What is the purpose of an API development

API management is really useful since they enable developers to take someone else’s work and utilize it. To create their app or product. But why do API developers do it? Giving out your firm’s data or services through an API development Services may appear to aid your competition. But when done correctly, an API can enable your company to expand into places you never imagined. Also, to begin with, APIs do not have to be made publicly available. In truth, most organizations that have an API simply use it. Internally to communicate across different areas of their website. Similarly, Quora is an excellent illustration of this, as they have an API but no other services.

Why should you engage Salesqueen for API development services?


Our API management specialists design strong, safe, and easy to maintain. Similarly,  API development Services use C, C++, Java, Python, and PHP. Also, we have considerable expertise in delivering API design and integration services. Our API gurus have extensive experience with Yahoo APIs, Marketplace APIs  Social Media APIs, and other mashups and APIs.


The overall cost of your development will be significantly lower than the cost of developing a similar project in another country. Second, our professional and experienced developers use the most up-to-date technology. Similarly, best practices to ensure that our services are secure and high-performing. Also, allowing us to save time and money on support contracts.


At Salesqueen, to process information in a range of computer languages. Our programmers use SOAP / REST API approaches. Also, we use Swagger to document the APIs to make them easier to work with.


We’re professionals at developing new API development Services and combining your app with an existing API’s UI. Also, API creation and integration services are provided by our team of experienced IT specialists. Who will create a custom rich in features best API solution for you.

Our API development services

Bespoke Web API Solutions

Our firm specializes in providing high-quality custom API solutions. Likewise, we construct high-performance API development Services for your needs with the best development tools available.

API Integration and Development Services

Our experienced designers create the most attractive logo by adding a lot of colors. Also, trendy and colorful logo make your logo unique from others.

Source Code Repository Integration

Our developers will collaborate with you to identify the optimal source code repository integration solution. For example,  GitHub, TFS, GitLab, or Bitbucket API as a Service. Also, you may construct online APIs and API as a Service (PaaS) using SOAP, REST, JSON, XML, and HTTP/HTTPS.

API as a Service

We design the best APIs for pc, mobile, cloud apps. Also for web sockets, Provider Architectures (SOA), and databases on our API management Platform.

Payment Gateway

API Integration – We provide payment gateway integration services for PayPal, Stripe. Similarly, Google Checkout, PayU, BillDesk, and CCAvenue.

Marketing Software

API Integration Services – With our CRM and advertising software API development Services integration services. Also,  we’ll make it simple to communicate data between systems and streamline corporate processes.

Contact us

Contact our Salesqueen team if you require assistance with custom API development services. Also, our software professionals can incorporate the API to your specifications. Likewise, in addition enhancing and enriching the services you provide to your clients. Similarly, our development teams provide excellent application and software creation services. Therefore we provide competitive API development costs. Whether it’s developing API for mobile apps, Cloud-based API creation and API integration, or more. Moreover, Our API developers to learn more about how our bespoke API development services can assist you in resolving technical issues.

Pricing Table

Features Price 1 Price 2 Price 3
 Number of traffics credits included 3000 5000 8000
LSE data
3000 5000 6000
Seasons & Time of use data 3000 5000 7000
Zip codes & Geo Location data 2000 7000 1000
CALL Limits 6000 8000 12000
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