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HTML & CSS Web Development company

HTML & CSS web development

Salesqueen website development company offer a variety of HTML CSS website design company in chennai. The role of Hyper Text Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets. In web development or simply HTML/CSS Web Development is well known. Also, this web development are frequently used, by service providers. Because they are search engine-friendly languages. Because of that CSS decreases the size of the coding. And also, speeds up the loading of the website. Similarly,  in terms of effect and design, it has more versatility than HTML. Also, the W3C recommends HTML and CSS as the two languages to use. Likewise, this is no exception in terms of trends. Also, HTML and CSS have progressed significantly. Moreover, there are several HTML versions available on the market. This emerging language uses a number to indicate when a new version is released.

Versions of HTML Web Development

Version of HTML Web development

One year after version 2.0, HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0  were released simultaneously. Similarly, the W3C later released XHTML 1.0 and XHTML 2.0. And also, HTML 5’s initial draught was completed in 2008. Although, HTML 5 is the future of the web. According to web development businesses  all around the world. And because of that HTML 5 is expected to have capabilities such as distinct background threads. For processing, a video system that does not require a separate plug-in. Or codec, a canvas element for displaying graphics and photos. Similarly, on the fly, and applications to access e-mail off-line, among other things. Also, CSS is used to give websites written in any mark-up language a beautiful look.  

More About HTML CSS Version

HTML version 3, version 3.2, version 4.0, and version 4.01 are the current versions available on the market. Similarly, HTML 5 is a future version that is still in development. Also, the same is true for CSS. CSS Level 1, CSS Level 2, CSS 2.1, and CSS 3 are all well-known CSS versions. Because of that HTML 5 is expected to be extremely beneficial to web development services. Once it’s released, professional web development services. All over the world are likely to switch to this version of HTML. Moreover IBM created HTML to make file transfers easier between different computers. Likewise, HTML specifies the HTML styles, in Html & CSS  web development. In Chennai, we can offer a full-fledged HTML  CSS web design company. 



HTML CSS Web Development Technology

HTML & CSS web development Technology company in chennai

In 1996, the World Wide Web Consortium released CSS level 1 to address the shortcomings of HTML 3.2. Similarly, in 1998, CSS level 2 was designed utilizing CSS level 1. Also, CSS level 1 was revised and released in 1999. CSS 3 has been released for the benefit of service providers. Although only recent web browsers now support CSS 3, it is expected to acquire widespread use. Likewise, it allows for the incorporation of elaborate and adaptable designs into HTML. Also, this technology is already being used by professional web development businesses. Most web development providers have already used CSS 3. Similarly, salesqueen website development company in chennai services are also likely to accept HTML 5 right away. Moreover, the two variants are designed to make this task as straightforward as possible.

HTML CSS Developers

The role of Hyper Text Markup Language, and Cascading Style Sheets in web development is well known. Likewise HTML and CSS are frequently used by service providers because they are search engine-friendly languages. Moreover CSS decreases the size of the coding. And also, speeds up the loading of the website. In terms of effect and design, it has more versatility than HTML. The W3C recommends HTML and CSS as the two languages to use. This is no exception in terms of trends. Similarly, HTML and CSS have progressed significantly. Likewise There are several HTML versions available on the market. Also, this emerging language uses a number to indicate when a new version is released. Because of that HTML & CSS web development, have many ways to reusability.

Salesqueen web developers

html css web developers

HTML CSS web development Services

HTML 5 UI Widget Developments – Using HTML5 and JavaScript. Similarly, our HTML developers can create interactive data visualizations. Also, that can be used in rich online apps that look native on any device or platform. Also, HTML has its limitations. Sales queen provides the best HTML and CSS Web design company in Chennai.


HTML5 Application Development – Using our HTML5 and CSS knowledge. Likewise, our HTML developers can design solutions for a variety of web application domains. Also, including Enterprise HTML 5 application development. Similarly, HTML 5 social media app development, HTML 5 game development, and more.

Migration to E-Commerce/CMS Frameworks. Our skilled HTML & CSS developers can assist you in migrating to E-commerce frameworks. Also, making you more resilient to quick technological developments. Similarly, we concentrate on specialized migration services. Such as Flash to HTML5, Adobe Flex to HTML5, and also HTML to HTML5. You can hire the best HTML and CSS web designers in Chennai at your service.

HTML5 Mobile App Development. Likewise our HTML developers are experts in creating HTML5- based hybrid mobile apps. Also, our designers can provide an in-depth app experience. For Android and iOS consumers due to their knowledge of advanced CSS3. Features for animations and visuals.

We offer web solutions

html css web development company in chennai

Offshore Web Developers at Reasonable Prices

A budget is required for a web development project. And also, how you spend it is entirely up to you. Similarly, the Salesqueen website development company in Chennai will assemble a team that has everything for HTML and CSS web developers in Chennai. Also, necessary to complete your project on time and within budget. Moreover, we have a great location where we can hire HTML and CSS Web developers in chennai at a low cost. Also, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to hire web developers for your project. Furthermore, our employment methodology might help businesses. To save money on taxes and operational expenses. After all, you have a professional staff on your side. And you’re sticking to your budget.


top tier developers

One of the most significant advantages of our location. Also, Is the pool of local IT talent we have access to. Similarly, we have a significantly larger pool of experienced programmers and HTML CSS web designers for affordable prices in chennai. From which to choose. Likewise this is how we deliver in-demand developers. And also assist businesses in establishing their offshore development centers.



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Salesqueen Creative Teamwork

salesqueen creative teamwork

We create very controllable teams, and the flexibility of such teams. Is a significant benefit of employing our solutions. Essentially, we select team members based on your requirements. Likewise this also means you won’t have to bother about recruitment or anything else. Similarly, if your needs change and you need to scale your team up, or change any of the team members. Moreover our IT staffing services are structured. So that once you become a client; we can handle all of your hiring needs. Also, Salesqueen website development company professional IT staffing services combine the best technical recruitment tactics. Effective remote workflow, and best management and employee retention strategies. To meet your IT recruitment demands and give the ultimate hiring solution. For organizations all over the world. Also, Build your workforce quickly and correctly. Without going over budget by utilizing a modern hiring solution.

we use javascript as a technology

Enlist a full spectrum of online and mobile application development. As well as responsive website development services. Use years of curated RIA application development experience. Along with deep JavaScript web development expertise. Similarly, invoke unrivaled technical expertise backed by hands-on experience. Also, with the most cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. Likewise make your concept a reality with premier JS libraries. Also, that can create cost-effective web, server, and JavaScript mobile apps. Similarly, our JavaScript’s multi-paradigm features enable event-driven and functional programming approaches. Also, resulting in high-quality code for both client-side and server-side software builds.

JavaScript Technology
HTML 5 Web Development


Move beyond degraded and deliberated solutions. Similarly, with an HTML5-based, feature-rich, and fully scalable application. Ensure that your customers can reach you with a single click. Moreover on a variety of mobile devices, independent of the operating system.


To sustain your value and capital in the face of changing business necessities. And competition, you must keep up with trends and technology. Also, an application is required for both developing and established businesses, to power up their operations. Similarly, ReactJS created applications that are fast, easy to use, and perform well. Also, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and Google rankings. Likewise, these apps leverage client-server relationship architecture. Also, with the addition of server-side rendering and a virtual Document Object Model. Allowing them to process user requests more effectively, and quickly with flawless results.

React JS Web Development

Reasons of choosing HTML CSS web development

Salesqueen is one of the leading companies. Offering HTML and CSS-based website creation services. Our professional HTML & CSS front-end developers, offer best-in-class web portals, for the following reasons:

Our Resources

There aren’t any freelance resources. We are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. So we have a staff of full-time in-house HTML CSS developers. Our competent, hand-picked team of developers will ensure, that every project is completed on time.

technical Experience

Enhanced Technical Competence. Hire top HTML &  CSS Developers with extensive HTML &  CSS Development experience. It satisfies your needs. And takes you to advanced technological development.


Our team developers

Guaranteed Success – Hire highly efficient HTML  & CSS Developers to provide success every time. Result-driven Solutions – Our team concentrates on developing future-proof solutions. Allowing you to skip the trouble of updating your software. Anytime new technology enters the market.


Benefits of HTML CSS web development

 Iconic logos that specifically symbolize your brand. Our company has excellent logo designers. Our expertise can create an excellent design that gives a positive impression to visitors.

Multiple offers from a single window. If you’re looking for HTML 5 developers, you’ve come to the right place. Web applications, product development, mobile games, e-commerce apps, dynamic website development, database.


Senior Developers with Prior Experience. Hire seasoned HTML &  CSS Developers with years of experience. In the sector who can deliver world-class results. Years of experience of the developers, will provide good quality products.

Best Practices for Web Page Development. To examine their code, our web engineers employ automation platforms. We also use the most up-to-date tools for a more efficient and effective service. Similarly, Hire the top HTML &  CSS Developers who will ensure that your project is completed on time, and delivered on time. Management, project management and security.

Flexible Strategy – We tailor our development approach. To the project’s stipulated timetable and complexity. Also, we keep you informed of progress in real-time. And also, maintain your queue at all times. Hire top HTML & CSS Developers who adhere to the best software development standards. To maintain high-quality, bug-free code.

Hiring HTML CSS Web Developers
hire HTML CSS web Developers?

Salesqueen HTML CSS website development company in chennai offers dependable web development services. For HTML5 and CSS-based web page development. Hire our qualified developers. That are constantly eager to pick up new skills. Also, we keep a pool of skilled HTML/CSS engineers on hand. That can jump right in and function as your remote team. Working solely on your project. Similarly, we ensure that you receive unique and customized services. As a top web page development company.

HTML CSS development services

Analysis of Requirements and Business Cases

To begin, our team gathers all necessary information about your company and evaluates it to determine in-scope and out-scope. Before going on to the next level, we also create project, resource, and development management plans.

Creating Approval

We create a variety of low- and high-level designs so you may choose the best one for your company. We also have several brainstorming sessions and meetings to introduce new features and discuss them with you for final approval.

hTML cSS Test and Development

Our development team is working on it now that the design has been confirmed. Various milestones are established, and jobs are broken down into manageable portions for graded progress. To make the website more responsive and communal, we test every piece of animation and other creative components incorporated into the code.

Software Distribution and Rollout

Our Software Developers and Testers verify your software solution in multiple virtual settings before delivering it, and we produce a project deliverable report that allows you to cross-check every defined requirement with the features we implemented.


Why Choose Us?

Salesqueen website development company delivers personalized, cost-effective HTML, CSS Development services as a top HTML CSS Development company. We aspire to be a reputable offshore PWA, Web, and Mobile development firm. Following agile development, Salesqueen is well-equipped with the latest technologies. Salesqueen is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and adheres to agile development practices. We make certain that you have ZERO risk in terms of quality, timeliness, cost and a variety of other emerging technological requirements can all be met by our developers.


Pricing Table

Features Price 1 Price 2 Price 3
Responsive layout 3000 5000 8000
layout design
4000 5000 6000
Style variant 3000 5000 7000
Colors combinations 2000 7000 1000
Modern style 6000 8000 12000
Easy use and customize Yes