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Graphic Designing Services

Firstly according to Salesqueen, an experienced Graphic Designing Services provider, the proper balance of forms, colors, and text will define your brand. As a result, you can get the perfect logo and guarantee that your branding is on point with these services. We can create eye-catching website designs that help express your product’s story. Salesqueen is a graphic design pioneer that creates stunning designs for your online business on a variety of platforms. Above all, we understand how important your business is to you, so we take the time to get to know your requirements while keeping in mind the needs of your target audience and current market trends in Graphic Designing Services.

benefits of Graphic Designing Services

Firstly, every company has intangible characteristics such as personality, soul, tone, and emotions. Most importantly Graphic designing service is essential for effectively communicating your message to the rest of the world. For instance, it’s utilized in a variety of disciplines, including advertising, public relations, marketing, and design. Mainly, graphic designing services are required by anyone who wishes to sell something by making an impression on others to gain their confidence and brand loyalty. A great graphic design earns your audience’s trust, allows you to interact successfully with them, makes your content look more professional, and encourages innovation. The creation of designs and visuals to advertise or sell something necessitates a thorough awareness of market trends. In conclusion, it should be meticulously designed to have the greatest influence on people and acquire their trust.

redesign services benefits

Our Designing Approach

Do you want to strengthen the branding of your company? The top visuals and logo-creating services are offered by Salesqueen Software Solutions a graphic design firm in Chennai.

We use a three-pronged strategy when creating a logo to create an outstanding brand identity.

Business Representation

Unlike any other agency, we thoroughly research your company through planned visits and conversations. Then, we apply our knowledge to express your company’s essence in every facet of logo design, including color scheme, graphic icon, and typeface choice.

Unique identity

Your logo represents your company and shouldn’t be copied by any other companies. Also, we can create a brand identity for you that is distinctive, appealing, and specifically designed to express your company’s ethos.


Make sure that your logo remains consistent across all devices and media. Like we create incredibly effective logos that are of the highest quality and remain consistent on both light and dark backgrounds, in print or digital.

Quality graphic designing services for quantitative results

Salesqueen Software Solutions a Chennai-based graphic design and web development firm is proud of its achievers—its creative team that goes above and beyond to help you reach your business objectives. The need to create distinctive and beautiful designs that help your business stand out from the crowd of your rivals drives the passion of our graphic design team. When it comes to promoting your business to current and new customers through websites, banner ads, creative pieces, graphics, icons, and logos, our skilled and seasoned designers are up to the task.

Catchy Designs that go beyond aesthetics

Begin by carefully comprehending your brand identity and vision before attempting to launch your brand into the spotlight. Communicate with you throughout the process to have a thorough understanding of your project. And we develop the initial design drawings after learning about your objectives and business requirements. Then continuously improve them using tried-and-true techniques and the newest design trends. Our leading graphic and website design firm in Chennai, Salesqueen Software Solutions, enjoys taking on these problems to develop or update your brand’s image for a unified and contemporary impression.

We create Designs you remember

To increase sales, services, or audience for your business, graphic design makes sure that your content or idea appears more professional and competent. Your idea will be more appealing and simpler for the audience to understand thanks to the graphic design. Each brand has a history that helps consumers connect with it and improves graphics. What is crucial to graphic design, do you know? Without some aesthetics to catch your eye, you won’t be tempted to read or pay attention to anything being communicated. If you want to connect with your audience and effectively convey your message, you must use creativity.

implementing creative tools to create impressive ideas for you

We regularly purchase items online thanks to a website’s content because we like them. Because of their stunning designs, their content is after all displayed or even praised by a magazine. All of these things are the outcomes of effective graphic design. The process of creating graphic content in the form of images, illustrations, typographies, icons, photographs, etc., to send messages is well-known to businesses that offer graphic design services. It is employed in a variety of fields, such as public relations, marketing, design, and so forth. Every business has some intangible qualities like personality, soul, sound, and emotions. These intangible attributes are displayed to the public through visual identity in the form of graphics, shapes, or colors.

we offer graphic designing services:

In our firm, we provide a range of individualized graphic design services and transform your concepts into bold visual representations that result in outstanding results. Put a lot of emphasis on making graphics just for you. Our externalization services for graphic design aid in the production of anything closely related to graphics.

Business card design

With the help of our graphic design services, you can get unique business cards made to suit your needs or preferences. Change how we provide our services, and we promise exceptional outcomes to increase your societal value.

Infographic design

Paragraph overuse has the potential to disconnect readers from the context we travel there. Ready to help you retain clients’ attention to content by merging facts and pictures to create effective infographics.

Always we create powerful brand identities by providing top-notch logo design services. Purchase a logo for an affordable price and attractive quality. Our skill in logo design combines creativity with adaptability to construct your logo.

Hoarding design services

If you want an eye-catching hoarding, we provide offshore graphic design services that will enable you to get one no matter where you are and in the shortest amount of time.

label designs

If you require eye-catching label designs to draw attention to your products, we’ve got you covered. Without making it seem like you’re trying to sell them something, you can speak directly to the consumer.

Packaging design services

Designing a box for consumers to purchase the product might be difficult. It demands exceptional product knowledge and design understanding. Both of these may be found at Outsource2india because we have creative professionals who use design tools to ensure your marketing effort is a total success.

Flyer designs

Meet your flyer design needs by providing top-notch graphic design services. If you need flyers that are easy to read without tearing the paper flexibly.

banner designs

If you need banners that immediately pique customer interest with a call to action, you need our graphic design services to enable our specialists to create an expressive banner that clicks on them. We are a dependable provider of India’s top graphic design services because of our excellence.

brochure designs

In addition to grabbing your clients’ attention, our images also pique their interest in further conversation.

why choosing us

Our website development company is a graphic designing services pioneer, that creates stunning designs for your online business on a variety of platforms Therefore we understand how important your business is to you, so we consequently take time to get to know your requirements while keeping in mind the needs of your target audience and current market trends. At Salesqueen, we have a team of very creative and skilled designers who are always full of design ideas for any project. Above all, they can leave a lasting impact on your prospect. Corel Draw, Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, Google Slides, and other graphic design software are among the tools they use. In short with a comprehensive blend of professionalism and stunning innovative talents, our expert designers can create a brilliant profile for your business in the world of digital

We Offer the Following Result-Driven Graphic Designing Services


certainly designing a logo is regarded as the cornerstone of your company’s identification. Because it enhances the likelihood of your company’s popularity among the audience as we develop a unique brand for your expanding company.

package design

It is the most important aspect of product brand management that necessitates the use of graphic design and marketing abilities by practitioners. In other words, your product’s packaging reveals what’s within.

brochure design

It is a method of converting clients through many means. In short brochure design is certainly the work of a combination of stunning images and strong information.

Flyer design

Regardless of the size of your company, it is one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to promote it. Consequently, the balance of text, graphics, and the color is the most crucial part of flyer design

Newsletter design

The most important goal of newsletter design is to attract readers’ attention, therefore only a well-designed newsletter will succeed in doing so. Simply design newsletters to keep in touch with your customers

Business Card

Professionally designed custom business card designs are those that are created by professionals. In other words, the site is professionally developed and comes with a template. With this, we create a positive first impression for your company.


logo & branding

Would you like to leave a mark? Your brand will be characterized by the perfect blend of colours, forms, and text. With these services, you may have the perfect logo and ensure that your branding is on point.

logo design in Graphic Design Services
logo design
business card in Graphic Design Services
buSiness card design
stationery design in Graphic Designing Services
Stationery Design
label design in Graphic Design Services
label design
letterhead design in Graphic Design Services
letterhead design
Business card design in Graphic Design Services
logo and business card design
signage design
signage design
billboard design
billboard design
trade show booth design
trade show booth design
car wrap design
car wrap design

Web Design Services

Looking to create an image on the internet? Whether you need a professional design for a custom constructed website or a design for a popular CMS platform, these design services that help you locate the appropriate web design.

web design in Graphic Design Services
WEB design
wordpress in Graphic Design Services
Graphic Designing Services app design in web designing services
APP DesigN
banner ad design
BANNER AD design
icon design
icon design
bigcommerce design in Graphic Design Services
big commerce design
email marketing design in Graphic Design Services
email marketing design
newsletter design
newsletter Design
shopify design
shopify design
squarespace design
squarespace design
wix design in Graphic Design Services
wix design
woo-commerce design
woo-commerce design
landing page design
landing page design

print design services

It may be so final to send something to print! Make no mistake about it: whether it’s a flyer, poster, or sticker, get the design perfect the first time. Explore our detailed set of print design services.

flyer design in Graphic Design Services
flyer design
postcard design in Graphic Design Services
postcard DESIGN
brochure design
brochure DesigN
poster design
poster design
ad design in graphic design services
advertisment design
catalogue design
catalogue design
envelope design
envelope DESIGN
magazine design in graphic design services
magazine DesigN
menu design
menu design
newspaper design in graphic design services
newspaper ad design
print design in graphic design services
print design
sticker design
sticker DESIGN
resume design
resume DesigN
word template design
word template design

Graphic Designing

Do you require some design inspiration? Someone who can employ their imagination to create a design that stands out? These graphic design services might be exactly what you need.

graphic design services
graphic design
ppt design in graphic design services
powerpoint DESIGN
vector design in graphic design services
vector DesigN
3D design
3d design
podcast design
podcast design
infographics design
infrographic DESIGN
mascot design in graphic design services
mascot design
photoshop design in graphic design services
photoshop design

Product & Merchandise Design Services

Do you desire some walking advertising? A little promotional merchandise for the exposition booth staff? Our qualified designers can create bespoke clothes, mugs, or caps for you.

t-shirt print graphic designing services
t-shirt design
packaging design in graphic design services
packaging DESIGN
tote bag design in graphic design services
bag and tote DesigN
mug and cup design in graphic design services
cup and mug design
apparel design in graphic design services
apparel design
merchandize design in graphic design services
merchandise design

art & illustration

Not everyone is an artist, but the Salesqueen designers undoubtedly are. These design team can help you acquire what you need, whether it’s a mascot for your local club or a piece of personalized wall art.

illustration design in graphic design services
illustration design
book cover design in graphic design services
book cover DESIGN
art design in graphic design services
art DesigN
card design in graphic design services
card design
CD cover design in graphic design services
cd cover design
greeting card design in graphic design services
greeting card design
invitation card design in graphic design services
invitation DESIGN
ebook cover design in graphic design services
e-book cover DesigN
tattoo design in graphic design services
tattoo design
character design in graphic design services
character design


Pricing Table

Features Basic Medium Pro
logo design
3000 5000 8000
Banner design 4000 5000 6000
psd to xhtml 3000 5000 7000
One page static website  2000 7000 1000
Simple static 5 page website 6000 8000 12000
Static page website Yes


Who needs graphic design services?

Graphical design is often used by photographers, illustrators, and printing businesses, event management companies, entrepreneurs, and even hobbyists.

How does your design process work?

There are various types of graphics, some graphics are for digital use while some are for print use. So you have to explain for what purpose you need the design to be done. Then please show us a similar kind of project that will help us to understand your vision then after all the processing you would be able to pick the best one according to your needs and that will be sent to you via mail or any external file sharing service.

What is my involvement in the this process?

Design briefing is always the most important input. In the design briefing, we will get the idea about so many things like your requirements, how you want to use the design, what is your targeted audience is the purpose of your design. Without these details, no project would be able to finish on time.

How will I receive my design files?

You will receive your final design through any file sharing application or via mail.

In what format will I receive my designs as?

For vector files, you will receive your design in AI, EPS, PDF and JPG files and for raster files, you will receive your design in JPG, PNG, and PDF form.

Will the artwork be our property?

Yes, after sending you the final design and receiving the payment the artwork will always remain your property.

When will I Pay?

For any small project, you have to make an upfront payment and for any advanced projects, you have to make a minimum of 50% of payment in advance before we start working on your project.