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React jS development services

react js development service

Our react jS development services

In Chennai, we the most well-known React JS development firm offering  faultless online and mobile application development services. We rely on excellent craftsmanship and integrity that may successfully and efficiently raise your business in a competitive market plus our clients praise our ability to think beyond the box and our dedication to the project.React is the most popular and trending technology in both mobile app and Web development; in fact React JS is critical in the current technological invasion of the world of web pages. We’ve collaborated with industry specialists to design and provide some of the most advanced ReactJs software solutions.React JS is a great JavaScript framework that has dramatically simplified the development process and it is created and maintained by Facebook, this JavaScript library provides high-quality React JS applications with intuitive user interfaces. According to Jordan Walke, the inventor of React JS, React is an efficient, declarative, and extensible open-source JavaScript toolkit for building simple, rapid, and scalable web application frontends. As React JS allows developers a lot of creative latitude, it  is a popular choice for designing user-friendly and engaging websites and apps.

We Offer React JS Development Services

Salesqueen is a renowned ReactJs development business based in Chennai. Our main goal is to compete with other ReactJs development firms by providing seamless and faultless software solutions to our customers. We have a team of proactive and certified ReactJs developers who have aided Salesqueen’s rapid growth.

Our developer’s primary goal is to work with our clients to create a web application that is captivating, user-friendly, perfect, and seamless. We work with our customers and end-users to identify their needs, and our developers will take on the challenge of meeting both the end-users and our clients’ needs. Although the technique appears to be lengthy and expensive, our highly qualified developers make it quick and affordable, ensuring that the web and mobile applications’ efficacy and efficiency are maintained. As part of our Reactjs development package, we provide the following services:

Development of Reactjs From Scratch

If you’re launching a new product, we can construct a React JS project from the ground up for you. Use our React software development services to start and finish a project. Share your project specifications to get the ideal combination of talent and expertise.

Professional React JS Development Team

Work with our dedicated React.js engineers to create high-performing web applications. We grow your requirements while providing React development and specialised teams. To meet your demands at scale, hire technical React.js developers.


Migration to React

Our React development company helps businesses implement React capabilities by covering existing architecture code in React components. Update your app while addressing faults and challenges. Our professionals will do a high-quality migration from any other frontend framework to React.

UI/UX Design in ReactJS

In web and mobile application development, UI/UX Design is critical. We create user-friendly interfaces and eye-catching online apps. Our UI/UX designers team creates extremely engaging interfaces using the latest ReactJS capabilities.

Maintenance and Support for ReactJS

The Salesqueen Software team provides support and maintenance services to ensure that apps perform consistently and reliably. On demand, we can additionally change the functionality of your app.

React Native App Development

Develop a multi-dimensional, cross-platform mobile app with interactive interfaces and little coding complexity. We use the full potential of React Native to help you achieve cross-platform compatibility and a quick development cycle. We’ll refactor the code from another React.js development business to bring it up to industry standards.

Other React js development services provided by Salesqueen:

  • Progressive Web Apps Development
  • React.js Support and Maintenance
  • React.js Social and Interactive Apps
  • React.js Enterprise Application Development
  • React.js E-commerce Development
  • React.js Portal Development
  • React.js Plugins & Components Development
  • React Web Design
  • React.js Template Creation

Our react jS development services has many advantages

Both beginner and professional developers can profit from ReactJS. A wealth of excellent material is available for learning ReactJS, making it a popular choice for creating complex user interfaces. The development approach given by ReactJS is straightforward, to begin with, allowing you to work on your project in a short amount of time. Finally, the library has a minimal footprint, which means it takes up less memory on your machine and allows you to save time in each step as well as across multiple phases.

Many firms around the world are taking advantage of ReactJS’s potential to alter the way they construct interactive and user-friendly interfaces. ReactJS is a one-of-a-kind library that may greatly assist you in the creation of your project, whether it requires sophisticated data structures or not. Consider including ReactJS in your hiring strategy to help you achieve the most remarkable results for your company.

Best Development Environment

ReactJS provides the best development environment by allowing developers to manage the entire process from component design to the end outcome. It includes excellent development tools such as the Jest testing framework, Redux, GraphQL, and others, making development easier and faster than before

Our React JS Development Methodology

The essential components of the React JS development process are as follows:


Proper planning is half the battle of any project’s success. Creating a clear plan before beginning the ReactJS development process is also essential. This gives the web developers a better idea of what they’re attempting to accomplish and how to get there. It also simplifies the process by breaking down the task into manageable milestones.

Writing a backlog

When working in a group, everyone must know what the primary objectives are and what the requirements are. As a result, it’s critical to put all business demands and specifications into clear language before beginning the development process. The backlog also includes all of the acceptance criteria so that you know what is correct straight away

Creating Architecture

Tech leads outline the first structure of an application for both the frontend and the backend during this step. These first projects are then addressed at a team level in order to obtain an agreement. The team publishes their decisions once all of the new inputs and improvements have been made to ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page.

CI/CD settings

CI/CD assists developers in maintaining a highly efficient workflow. It automates all regular activities like code analysis, visual regression and unit tests, storybook integrity checks, etc. This is a crucial stage since it helps teams release apps much faster than they might otherwise.

UI Pattern Library

When establishing a UI pattern library, web developers usually interact closely with the UI design team. Having a single UI storybook library with reusable versions and components is beneficial to both teams. This ensures that the future web application’s features are all consistent.

Developing Features

The purpose of this step is to convert all user stories into unit tests and then integrate business logic to check everything fulfils the acceptance requirements.

End-to-end testing

After everything has been completed, it’s time to test the apps. This guarantees that the needed business functions run smoothly and appropriately for the real world. End-to-end testing can also aid future restructuring or the development of new features by ensuring that the preceding logic remains consistent.

Why choose us ?

Although the ReactJS development process can be hard at times, the end product will be spectacular if done correctly. The primary challenge here is sticking to a schedule. Contact Salesqueen if you have any questions about ReactJS development or would want more information about the theme. All of your questions will be answered by Salesqueen. Being a ReactJS development firm, we will offer you all of the information you require and much more. We will also provide perfect solutions for you with our team of experts who are always available to assist you. 

At Salesqueen, we help businesses and startups build a complete platform using React. We will provide you with the best of everything you need. Our only goal is to rovide services that align with the customer’s needs thus attaining customer satisfaction. Your ideas and our skilled team can together create magic to bring your concepts to life. So feel free to contact us whenever you require assistance with React or other web development services. We enjoy assisting others and take pleasure in fulfilling others’ dreams.

Pricing Table

Strong Community300050008000
Steep Learning Curve400050006000
Small Component Pool300050007000
Ready To Use Components200070001000
Not Purely Native6000800012000
Target Multiple PlatformsYes


React JS is a front-end library, meaning it is used to create elements that users will see and interact with in their browser windows.

React is excellent for creating user interfaces and their components. It is commonly used as a foundation for single-page and progressive web apps, and it is useful for retrieving rapidly changing data that must be recorded.

Although React can be used to create large applications, it is most commonly used to create small-scale apps such as single-page apps and progressive web apps.

React.js is only used in web development. This library cannot be used to create mobile apps.

React is a powerful JavaScript library for creating user interfaces (UI) for websites, mobile apps, and web applications.

This library can be used to power a variety of projects, including:

  • Dashboards
  • Social media networks
  • Apps for real-time communication
  • Web applications for businesses
  • Applications on a Single Page
  • Solutions for Streaming
  • E-commerce software, among other things

When developing a large-scale solution with sophisticated functionalities, Angular is a better choice. Angular is useful for progressive, single-page, and native web applications. However, React is better suited for startups due to its shorter development time and higher compatibility.

It simplifies the process of creating interactive user interfaces. React allows you to create new features without having to rewrite existing code.

There is no set fee for developing a React app. It is determined by a variety of factors, including functionality, features, UI/UX, development hours, team expertise, and the extent of customization.

We are a leading web and mobile app development company with a wealth of experience in developing award-winning apps. In addition, we have a team of professional and experienced React Native App developers who provide result-oriented solutions and a customer-centric approach to your business needs.

The developed code belongs entirely to our clients.