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Game Development Service

Salesqueen refers to a Game development service. To the process of designing, developing, and releasing a video game. Concept conception, design, construction, testing, and distribution may all be included. When building a game, it’s necessary to think about game mechanics. Rewards, player interaction, and level design. Salesqueen is a team of software development experts. Who helps companies produce world-class software solutions and applications faster. We combine technology competence and unique subject experience. And a drive for excellence to provide enterprise-grade solutions. As mobile and web-based application development firm.

Video Game Development

video game development

Full-motion animation, coding 2D and 3D graphic animation designs. And modeling and rendering animations are all specialties of video game software developers. Developers can model and render animations in Unreal Engine, CRYENGINE, Unity 3D/5.0, Riot Engine, Maya, Houdini, and other engines and JavaScript, HTML5, C/C++, and other languages. Developers use popular gaming engines to model, texturize, render, rig, and animate gaming assets. In order to produce realistic gaming simulations and animations.

2D & 3D Game Software

2D & 3D Gaming Software Solutions – Create high-quality 2.5D isometric games, original plots, levels, characters, physics, logic, sound effects, and custom 2D & 3D images and animations. Programming Motion Capture Software – Full-motion video capture (mo-cap) and bio vision hierarchy (BVH) files. As well as gesture recognition software, embedded sensors, and a variety of camera functions, should all be programmed.

2D and 3D Gaming Development
Mobile Game Development Services

mobile game development

With cutting-edge technology and monetization strategies. Our mobile game software solutions enable you to provide engaging and extremely immersive games to players all over the world.

Design of mobile game – Experienced in creating RPGs, casino games, racing games, adventure games, e-learning games, sports games, and other games for Android and iOS devices.

Animation of the game – In-house team of game animators uses industry-standard programs like Blender and Maya to create and animate realistic game characters, environments, and other features.

AR & VR Game Development

Solutions for AR & VR  – Engineer cross-platform mobile AR and VR game solutions using popular programming languages like C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Swift, and Kotlin.

Social Gaming – Game developers create social games for mobile platforms by combining the device’s intrinsic hardware with integrated social media APIs.

AR and VR Game Development
Gaming Development of AR VR and MR

Gaming Development of AR, VR & MR

Salesqueen develops AR and VR game development services and provides solutions and applications for tablets and other mobile devices. Including native, online, and hybrid gaming platforms.

Custom AR, VR, & MR Software – Engineer custom-tailored AR, VR, and mixed reality software solutions. With outstanding high-definition images and audio to create incredibly immersive gaming experiences.

Developing Custom Applications of AR, VR and MR

AR, VR, & MR Custom Applications – Create next-generation mobile application solutions compatible with head-mounted and head-up displays (HMD & HDU), digital eyewear, tablets, and smartphone devices with custom AR, VR, and MR applications.

Solutions for AR & VR Integration  – We enable your existing AR, VR, or MR headsets and hardware solutions to interface with sensors, controllers, cameras, and position trackers. And other IoT-connected devices with our AR and VR IoT Integration Solutions.

Developing Custom Applications of AR VR and MR
Unreal Engine Game Development

Game Development with Unreal Engine

The Unreal Engine developers at Salesqueen game development service build gorgeous games and immersive cinematic experiences for consoles, mobile devices, and IoT devices.

Unreal Engine Animation Development – Using mesh and animation editing tools. Create customized and complicated motion-picture characters, vehicles, weaponry, settings/environments, maps, and more.

Best Unreal Engine Game Development Services

Engine Pipeline Unreal Integration – Provide Python scripting, shotgun integration, visual data prep, FBX, and data conversion services for Unreal Engine (3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, Revit, and SketchUp Pro).

Engine AR, VR, & MR Unreal– Create AR, VR, and MR epic games for all AR/VR platforms, including PlayStation, Vivi, Oculus, Cardboard, and more, using OpenX.

Unreal Engine Game Development Services
Game Art Development Services

Art Game Software Development

From pixel art to high-rez 2D and 2.5D graphics, Salesqueen’s game development service. Provide 2D and 3D game artists create innovative characters, detailed storyboards, realistic environments, and creative mock-ups.

2D & 3D Asset Creation – Game-ready 2D & 3D models are created using PhotoShop & Adobe Illustrator for 2D and 3DS Max, Maya, Houdini, and other programs for 3D.

Animated UI/UX game Design

UX/UI Design & Development – To build the best gaming experience, use UI/UX design features. Such as diegetic, non-diegetic, meta, and spatial UI design aspects and top gaming development tools.

2D Illustrations and Animations – Create 2D characters, backgrounds/environments, props, other design materials, a model, custom layouts, and animation rendering.

3D Modeling & Animations – Use 3D Max, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 3D, and other modeling tools to create fully immersive 3D gaming experiences.

UI UX Animation Game Design
Fantasy Sports App Development Services

Fantasy Sports Software Development

Salesqueen’s professionals update game development services and add new features to existing fantasy sports software. Resulting in streamlined solutions that improve user experiences throughout the season.

Sports Fantasy Software Development – Develop fantasy sports software for games, platforms, and websites. Including RESTful APIs for retrieving sports, league, and player information.

Sports App Development

Sports App Fantasy Development – Engineer unique fantasy sports applications with integrated payment portals. To collect dues and entry fees, generate relevant reports, and create/delete games.

League Sports Fantasy  & Draft Solutions Create software solutions for H2H, total points, salary cap, auction, dynasty, keeper style, two quarterbacks, and other league formats. With integrated STATS & Sports Direct live feeds for fantasy sports leagues and draughts.

Sports App Development Services

characteristics of game development are:

Real-Time Communication

Our application developers operate inside your time zone to enable real-time communication and a true “branch location” sense, providing full availability during your business hours.

Scalability and Support

We collaborate with you to deliver the best value and the quickest return on investment while establishing tactics and assigning a dedicated team to your project.

Industry-Specific Experience

Our software developers are structured into virtual divisions with domain knowledge and experience to provide superior application development solutions.

Ownership of the source code and intellectual property

There are no licensing fees after a project is completed. You will own your proprietary software’s source code and intellectual property under our agreement.

What Are the Different Stages of Game Development?

Game development is a well-established process with a set of stages that all games go through when they’re made:


The initial stage of product development is preparing for the game’s production. The main goal at this stage is to develop the game’s high concept. Come up with a character/environment design, and create a prototype. Preparing a work statement and coordinating it with game developers is also crucial.

Support & maintenance

Maintenance is the final and unavoidable stage. Even after extensive testing and debugging. The games frequently have mistakes. Developers leave the option of applying patches to repair flaws in released games.


The search and correction of game design faults, and game logic problems. And the elimination of major bugs is among the most crucial duties at this stage. At this point, the game has all of the essential features. There is enough material for a long-term play session, and data collecting and analysis are set up. When stress tests are conducted with the participation of real players, the testing process follows the test plan.


The game is released once it has been developed, tested, and debugged. The game publisher, in general, is a significant driver of interest in this event. The development team is now working to fix technical faults discovered during operation and optimize the product. It also includes the addition of several in-game features that support new income sources. New content is also created and integrated into the product, which keeps players interested and hooked up.


Designers draw artwork, designers work on the gameplay and layout. And programmers produce the source code (3D models and other game props). Sound engineers create the game’s sound effects. Writers produce dialogue for scripted situations and non-player characters, while level designers develop levels. Throughout this time, the game designer enhances and adjusts the game art to fit the game’s current concept.

Work With Us

Work With Us

Transparency and Reliable Partnership – Our game development firm ensures 100% satisfaction with accomplished projects and secures repeat business in 90% of cases. Thanks to open dialogue, transparent communication, and rigorous adherence to the client’s requirements. Look no farther for a game development studio: we will complete all projects.

Best Security Practices Observance – Keep cool and don’t worry about data, system, or infrastructure security. We follow robust data, system, and infrastructure security policies. That is inherent in in-game development outsourcing associations, and to stay up with the latest innovations, we upgrade our security measures regularly.

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Exceptional Flexibility and Scalability – We are a custom game development firm. That scales up or down depending on the scope of the project and is prepared to hire even more highly qualified specialists. If necessary complete the project on time. We hire a new specialist every two weeks on average. Do you want to work with a professional game creation company? Visit Salesqueen, the best solution for your ideas. We’ve grown from a game design firm to a full-fledged technology company. Working with AR/VR, IoT, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies. Some of the industry’s best game developers, AR/VR professionals, designers, illustrators, animators, and technology experts make up our team. Continuous innovation, we feel, is the key to creating successful goods.

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Creative Visions

Creative Visions

We try to merge creative vision, technological competence, and project management capabilities. To ensure client satisfaction as a leading software development firm. He is passionate and enthusiastic about experimenting with the latest developing technologies. With updated technological advancements, we are an established firm that provides the best service to our customers. Along with being the leading software development firm, we also assure customer satisfaction. We make sure that the results match your requirements. Our skilled team has a wide range of exposure to the current technological concepts that will enable smooth development. Approach us today to build or develop any software. We will work according to your requirements and provide you with the best experience.

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