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AWS Development Company

AWS Development Company

The AWS Development Company world’s largest and most popular cloud platform right now is Amazon Web Services (AWS). It offers a highly dependable, scalable, affordable cloud infrastructure platform supporting hundreds of thousands of enterprises in 190 nations worldwide. AWS development, administration, optimization, automation, and deployment are areas in which Salesqueen excels as a trustworthy partner. Our clients can create and deploy high-performance applications that maximize the return on their AWS cloud initiatives, reduce risk, minimize costs, and increase business agility, thanks to our expertise in public cloud settings.

As an experienced AWS Development Company business, Salesqueen provides cloud-based services to startups and small-to-medium organizations. We have an in-depth understanding of cloud engineering and years of expertise in updating historical programs and developing cutting-edge solutions.  We assist clients in creating unique AWS apps suited to their business goals and spending limit. To build experiences that clients love, from cutting-edge startups to major corporations, Salesqueen delivers, manages, and deploys solutions geared at fully utilizing AWS cost-saving choices, scalability, and performance. 

Our Services

You may grow your business with the aid of Amazon Web Services.  AWS Development Company is renowned as a powerful cloud computing platform and that can handle various computing and developing scenarios. Salesqueen is prepared to innovate your company by introducing fresh approaches. AWS Development Company will also help you find a new position in the cloud industry while dramatically lowering your operating costs. For businesses, organizations, and start-ups alike, AWS is the ideal answer. Our entire range of AWS development services, including the following, can hasten your company’s growth.

Compute Service by AWS Development Company

AWS continues to lead the way in all areas of cloud services by bringing a genuine evolutionary approach to cloud computing. Salesqueen can quickly assist you in locating the solutions you require because we are a professional development firm.

Security AWS Development Company

AWS may be entirely trusted by adding a high level of security. The security level consistently meets the highest standards despite the frequent changes in AWS Development Company.

Consulting Services for AWS Cloud

Our 360-degree consultation, including technology evaluation and platform road mapping by organizational goals, can optimize workloads and enhance productivity. With efficient AWS installation solutions, we assist businesses in overcoming challenges. As your dependable Cloud technology partner, Salesqueen support you at every stage to ensure flawless performance across all company operations. We also help your organization evolve and adapt to changing business needs through collaborative teamwork and migrations focusing on results.

Development of AWS Cloud Applications

Because of our team’s expertise in cloud app development can create highly adaptive, resilient, and responsive web and mobile apps that boost user adoption and engagement. The application modernization services provided by Salesqueen optimize the potential for legacy programs to function flawlessly in the cloud. We create feature-rich applications with cross-platform compatibility for immediate access from many gadgets and places. Moreover, we know to help you whether you need to consult, migrate, upgrade, or launch your AWS Development Company applications.

Cloud Migration for AWS

Using these services, you can systematically transfer all necessary data to the cloud. The diversity of tools makes it easier to select the best transfer technique for data or apps. Forklift or Amazon S3 are two options. It is crucial to make the proper decision and transfer all necessary components safely using contemporary methods. It’s wise to transition your current systems to the AWS Development Company platform. Working with a seasoned technology partner like Salesqueen, can support your company’s objectives like enterprise cloud adoption, is even wiser. We ensure that our clients transfer easily to the cloud as part of our focus on AWS cloud migration services. We can migrate your mainframe applications, databases, and legacy software to the cloud platform. We guarantee flawless application performance with appealing user interfaces, backend application connections, third-party integrations, and APIs.

Automation and Management for AWS Cloud

AWS is well-known in the IT sector because of its creative approach. The development of AWS includes several features that make the service incredibly simple to utilize when combined with other processes.

Monitoring and AWS Analytics Service

It is simple to browse within AWS services due to the abundance of analytical tools. You can quickly eliminate the superfluous, ineffective portion of the chain by implementing a system of various combinations. With an effective analytics and monitoring system, this can be estimated.

AWS Managed Services

With quicker app deployments, thorough app performance monitoring, prompt resolution of AWS-related incidents, backup, and disaster recovery, Salesqueen helps businesses fully benefit from the cloud ecosystem. We can support your cloud operations with a growing technology stack of storage solutions, AWS-based networks, and systems administration, whether you’re just getting started, relocating a data center, or constructing optimal solutions in the cloud using AWS services. As a result, processes are more effective and our clients can benefit from AWS’ cost savings, security, high performance, and scalability for better business outcomes.

Operations and Reports for AWS

Almost any kind of cloud application may be built using the various databases that AWS Web Development offers. You can quickly produce the necessary report to manage the information you need.

Motives for Choosing Salesqueen

Salesqueenboast has a lot of incredibly great benefits in addition to being offered by one of the most substantial IT firms.

  1. Security level – We hold ourselves to some of the industry’s most robust security standards.
  2. Accessibility – The wide range of services allows you to build the network you need, test it, and deploy it again as often as necessary using sophisticated cloud technology. The web is constantly growing within regions. Therefore there are no boundaries anywhere in the world, which is essential to note. Projects can also be managed remotely from anywhere in the world.
  3. Extensive Knowledge – Salesqueenhas a team of cloud professionals ready to assist you in developing cutting-edge solutions thanks to their vast experience converting legacy Internet technologies and business procedures to Amazon’s new generation of infinitely scalable solutions.
  4. Availability – What makes AWS so renowned is the availability of a wide range of features, from computing technologies at various scales to machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can also use efficient analytics to produce reports that estimate the necessary parameters.
  5. Customer satisfaction – We give you a qualified account manager and project manager to ensure that every aspect of your relationship with us runs smoothly.
  6. Innovative Pricing – Pay-as-you-go pricing is clever, and Amazon Services can considerably lower your expenditures. In addition, you are free to run any program without making pointless obligations. Almost all of Amazon’s services and features offer intelligent pricing, in general. Our incredibly affordable and dependable services will get the most value for your money.
  7. Be more inventive – Salesqueen makes it simple to test out new features and integrate the most cutting-edge technologies into your product. Business transformation has never been so simple and owing to its parts; you may test out various alterations in as many ways as you like and your company requires.

24/7 Technical Assistance

We connect you with the right team of professionals through our open communication channels, available around the clock, seven days a week, to lessen project complexity and boost productivity.

AWS Salesqueen Developers -

Turn to our Salesqueen experts’ AWS services if you want to increase your company’s productivity. We are prepared for any difficulties because using AWS offers a wide range of services and differs from typical product architecture. We offer help around the clock, ensuring that your projects run smoothly.

The services you can obtain are outstanding, from figuring out your goals, finding the best approach, selecting the necessary items to offer scalable product testing, and working to ensure risk efficiency. The following are some features that AWS can offer:

Because our company provides the most excellent AWS solution combination, you can be sure that your goals will be met in the best way possible. From AWS development to AWS computation, you will have all you require.

By turning to us, you are displaying your future-readiness. Choose the right tools for the job, and Salesqueen will handle the rest. If you have inquiries about AWS or require assistance with a specific function, get in touch with our experts.

Characteristics of our Services

We assist our clients with consultancy, implementation, and managed services tailored to their business objectives and financial constraints as a client-focused provider of AWS cloud application development services. Our team is involved at every level, from outlining possibilities to educating you on their advantages and disadvantages to assisting you in making the best choice. We base our strategy on what best meets your technology demands to maximize corporate value.

A Top-Notch Team

To help you get the most out of a scalable, dependable, and secure global computing infrastructure, our certified specialists brings a robust understanding of AWS services to the table. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we combine industry best practices with Amazon’s first-rate infrastructure to launch products more quickly.

Secure & Reliable

Our end-to-end strategy guarantees that your applications will be strengthened and secured on the global computing infrastructure. When using AWS for your company, you can rely on Salesqueen’s ability to encrypt, migrate easily, and control data retention. We serve as the virtual backbone by putting the necessary software and practical operational procedures into place.

Flexible Architecture Development

Using our expertise in developing and scaling flexible architecture, we give our customers the ability to create and deploy secure, elegant, and reliable applications from scratch or migrate legacy systems to the cloud. You may rely on the Salesqueen team to design inventive infrastructure for your business priorities for various projects, from a single application to an enterprise SaaS that uses numerous AWS services.

Fixed Price

Projects with clearly defined objectives and milestones best suit our Fixed Price approach. We offer comprehensive timetables, deliverables, and proposals.


Since every project is unique, we provide various pricing and engagement options. Hybrid models offer the ideal balance of structure and flexibility.

AWS gives cloud architects access to an infinite number of instantaneously provisional virtual resources. Making the appropriate option can be complex with the wide variety of services available. Another problem can be transforming apps, ensuring compliance, and protecting data. When you work with Salesqueen, a skilled DevOps team will support the deployment of your AWS projects. With a smooth transfer to the cloud, you can save significant time and money. Our team is well-versed in the development and technologies used by Amazon Web Services, such as Amazon EC2, DynamoDB, Lamda, Simple Storage Service, Route 53, and many others.

AWS Development Company
AWS Development Company

Each development project has a different price depending on various factors, such as the project’s size and complexity, the urgency with which it must be completed, and whether or not integrations or other external components are involved. The ultimate cost of your project is decided by your needs, even though AWS development may be less expensive than other choices because of the already established reliable infrastructure.

With SLA management, AWS efficiency audits, and end-to-end monitoring of every aspect of your cloud-based solutions, Salesqueen’s AWS software development services help lower operational expenses and risks. With AWS Cloud automation, deployment, cloud infrastructure provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and monitoring, you may anticipate a seamless performance of applications in the cloud. Your time will be better spent concentrating on essential areas of business expansion if you delegate to our managed AWS services team the constant stress and difficulties of configuring, managing, and troubleshooting.

AWS Development Company

AWS Development Company

Based on the outcomes of the performance, Salesqueen makes suggestions to enhance the scalability and dependability of systems.We also handle the AWS infrastructure’s compliance needs and change control.To make sure the migrated systems are dependable and keep performing effectively, our engineers offer ongoing support and service. Contact us and provide information about your project to receive an estimate on services.

Pricing Table

Features Basic Medium Pro
API Gateway  3000 5000 8000
CloudTrall 4000 5000 6000
Data Transfer 3000 5000 7000
CloudWatch 2000 7000 1000
Ellastic Compute Cloud 6000 8000 12000
DynamoDB Yes