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ERP Software For Chemical Industries

Introduction about ERP software for chemical industries:

In this competitive era, where chemical industries face heavy barriers in maintaining functionality as well as  the ability to adapt to changing market conditions an Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software accomplish this tasks  and maintain a smooth operations for them.

The chemical industry needs an ERP system that can track multidimensional inventory across many distinct elements for regulatory compliance and other reasons, including batch expiry based alerts, Lot number, along with specific characteristics, shelf life and level of quality.


Chemical ERP affords companies greater flexibility for planning batch production jobs as well as purchase orders depending on supply and demand. Consequently  helps to make sure that production is carried out without disruptions or delays.

As a Result ERP system helps to improve a company’s operational procedures while giving users more power, offering immediate, real time insights on changing customer preferences and supplier habits gives businesses a competitive edge.

As a result   ERP promotes corporate expansion in chemical industry.Consequently enhance teamwork, increasing the effectiveness of corporate operations as a result.

Why Sales queen eRP software is essential for your industry?

Salesqueen is a pioneer IT solution provider and a leading ERP Software providing company in Chennai.  As a leading software development company in Chennai, our ERP software is well accepted and customizable for your chemical Industry.

Our ERP solution is Excellent in technical knowledge and meets your requirement. The main problems that chemical industry faces are Regulatory compliance, product complexity, product quality, inventory management, supply chain complexity.  As a result Salesqueen mainly focus on these strategies, and provide efficient solution for them. Let’s look at the features of ERP Software.

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The most important problem facing by the chemical companies today is meeting the many regulatory standards and changing consumer’s demands. Salesqueen ERP software offers a robust compliance management system that help chemical manufactures to track and manage compliance with international regulations, Automate the generation of safety data sheets and labels, Identify Risk and recommend preventative steps.

  • Formulation management plays a crucial role in the chemical manufacturing process. Tracking the number of raw materials available at their disposal and the quantity which would be required to meet the sales forecast is an important process. Our ERP software for chemical industry ensures that these vital processes do not require manual intervention. Thus, adjusting, returns and cancellation of products is much faster and easier

ERP solution for chemical manufacturing industry makes the whole supply chain management much easier task. The raw materials are strategically managed, which decreases the overall costs and wastage, thereby increasing profits for the industry.

  • Overseeing the stocks is another challenge which a chemical industry faces, as there are multiple chemicals and products being used, Salesqueen ERP software for chemical industry helps as it utilizes data elements, such as traceability data, quality control data and expiration dates. The software is also fed with shipping and warehouse information which is required to manage stock requirements seamlessly. Automating the whole process through ERP makes it hassle free for the company.

 ERP software not only helps in managing the whole manufacturing process seamlessly but also assists in product innovation. Our ERP software gathers data from every aspect of the production process, feeding it with research and development data makes anticipating future demands and product requirements much more effective.

 Maintaining consistent product quality is a non-negotiable requirement in the chemical industry. Salesqueen ERP assists in this area by implementing a robust quality control system that tracks product quality at every stage of production. Offering integrated quality management tools, including statistical process control and non-conformance management. Facilitating the quick resolution of quality issues to minimize waste and maintain customer satisfaction.


Sales queen ERP software covers your Entire production and helps to run your business smoothly.  By streamlining processes and automating tasks, Sales queen ERP software reduces manual effort and errors, allowing employees to focus on value – added activities.

As a result meeting regulatory requirements becomes more straightforward with automated compliance tracking and reporting, reducing the risk of costly non-compliance issues. Real-time data and analytics provide insights that enable data-driven decision-making, helping chemical companies adapt to changing market conditions. 

Efficient inventory management, reduced waste, and improved production processes contribute to cost savings and higher profitability. Sales queen ERP is designed to grow with your business, making it suitable for both small and large chemical companies. Consistent product quality and on-time deliveries result in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Sales queen support chemical companies in becoming intelligent enterprises.


Pricing Table

Features Basic Medium Pro
Scoring rules3000 5000 8000
Workflows4000 1000 6000
multiple pipelines1800 5000 7000
Mass email2000 7000 1000
Custom Dashboards6000 8000 12000
Canvas Yes


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Previously we employed an architect for CRM services, we’ll begin helping on the project. The period taken to finalize the output and enactment procedure will be sure of the company’s regulations. After that, we will give a general period frame after completely evaluating the business goals.

Indeed, we accomplish. We have established various applications and sites with the custom relationship administration framework. We can handily see the case researches and portfolios on our website or get in touch with salesqueen for additional instances.


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