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Google Email Services

Looking for Gmail Email Services?

At Salesqueen Gmail Email Services You may send emails, create draughts, manage labels, and mark messages and threads. And perform several other Gmail account administration functions with this service. Consider the simpler Email Service, which just permits email to be sent. Although Gmail is free to use, it does have a fee. Gmail may account with the well-known online email service Google. Which turns 10 on Tuesday, are free. However, the business is still obtaining payment in the form of vast amounts of user-provided personal data. Gmail’s free service offers 15GB of storage for your documents, emails, pictures, and other items. For US$5 per month, the paid edition offers 30GB of storage, and for US$10 per month.

Advantages of Using Gmail Email Services

Synchronization with Outlook:

Online anywhere access:

Easy search and organization:

Huge storage space:

Cheaper and less manpower to maintain:

Security of data:

Easy search and organization:

Store Instant Messages (IM) and video conferencing Google Email Services:

Pricing Table

Features Basic Medium Pro
Monthly Price 3000 5000 8000
subscribres 4000 5000 6000
Drip Email opt in widgets 3000 5000 7000
custom 5 day email course 2000 7000 1000
API access 6000 8000 12000
Purchase notificatins Yes