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Google my business


Google now makes local business listing prioritize to nearbuy people. Local business helpful for food shops, entertainment parlour etc

There are three types of conversions in local business Website, Call and Direction, depending on the user need we can prorritize. Two ways of boosting local business (Search engine optimization services and google my business ads)

It depend on your country and type of domain you are trying to put ads

You can get more leads, normally conversion percentage for google leads range from 60 to 80%

Customer can rate your work by their reviews, positive review helps you to boost your business stronger

Contact salesqueen support team, we will arrange you a live session for google keywords and its strength in your business field in particular area. Using that we can name your company, that gives you good amount of leads

Keywords are the sentence which is used by customers or business people in wide range

Create a good website and start advertising at lowest budget
Sign in all digital platforms and create a account for your company and link that to google my business
Post regular updates in google my business
Fill in all the blanks that are left
Give your complete list of services in services tab
Create croduct database and create call to action button
Use keyword to write description for images
Wait for result and repeat this

The photoes must be original, not downloaded from google
The photoes may contain the customer details
High quality photoes taken during work
Shall i upload videos in google my business
Yes you can, working video is good for search engine optimization

In most case duplicate google my business leads to suspension. If you have proofs and originality in your business you can claim it again. You can get leads from both the account once verified and you have optimized it. Both of your GMB account may rank in top positions after some days

We have optimized SR LUXURY CARS in top of google in just 4 working days

You can contact the support team in live session and submit your company details to them
You can send the mail to support team regarding your issue

Normally it takes 1 week time. Google will verify the days and call the concern person for verificxation

No, only limited. Spam causing accounts may have very lower chances to retrieve

Salesqueen software solutions exclusively help all the customers regarding google my business, Creation, edit or updating datas and retrieving suspended accounts. Reach us at or call or whatsapp us for best solutions

Yes contact salesqueen google ads expert, with in limited days we help you to change the mobile number

Normally less than a week, in some worst situation more than a week

Yes you can, if you have all legal documents and certifications ready. Google will approve your business easily if both the business are different. And if same it takes some time else leads to suspension

Google my business location changing service
Google my business name changing service
Google my business alternative phone number adding
Google my business SEO Optimization
Google my business keyword enhancement
Google my business daily post
Google my business product adding service
Google my business service adding and keyword align services
Google my business retrieve from suspension
Google my temporary closed removal
Google my business claim ownership

Possibility is their, google uses four types of verification
Email, SMS, Call and Post Card. the first three doesnt require any address to verify

We will take care of it. We need to submit some government registration proof to claim it

Pricing Table

Team Huddle400050006000
In depth site analysis6000800012000
Duplicate content checKYes