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Joomla Web Development

Joomla development is an influential CMS (Content Management System) that encourages users to effortlessly publish their web subjects.

With the experienced crew as a Joomla specialized support, salesqueen’s professionals understand how to develop and improve the website utilizing industry best-practice. We’ve executed Joomla websites for NHS providers and regional businesses, as well as several different customers who snatch benefit from Joomla’s comfort of design, powerful safety, and influential functionality extremely as multi-language assistance and SEO-friendly characteristics.

Once the salesqueen’s method and growth in work are comprehensive, we prepare it as our preference to train our clients on how to organize the content on-site themselves.

If you are looking to create websites like a top brand such as Harvard, MTV, Holiday Inn, or IKEA?

 Salesqueen is one of the operating Joomla web design and development firms

that influence the strength of this open-source

content administration framework for

building responsive and active websites.

We are a passionate crew of Joomla

web specialists having vast knowledge in

creating custom Joomla websites with great

performance. Their domain and practical

aptitude in web development benefit in

creating a website technique that caters to

the business objectives. Salesqueen’s Joomla

programmers always updated with all the

Joomla contributions occur in the delivery of seamless, scalable, strong,

extremely comfortable and safe Joomla websites.

Why do people Choose salesqueen for Joomla Development ?

Salesqueen's Dedicated Joomla development specialists

The loyal and active Joomla development crew at Orange Mantra has hands on all the latest technologies, and platforms and deliver services beyond the expectations of clients.

Salesqueen's Reasonable prices

At salesqueen, we appreciate the value of hard-earned wealth and give valid importance to the cash invested. At salesqueen integrity, services are given at reasonable prices and help consumers get the ultimate return on investment.

Salesqueen Utilize the latest technology.

Promising methods are accepted and the latest technologies are utilized to fulfil the goals clients have from the firm.

Salesqueen's Customized solutions.

Various customers have different business conditions. We understand this aspect and request customized explanations which perfectly fulfil their desires and give them a reasonable Joomla Website.

Salesqueen's Comprehensive assistance.

The Company understands making extended enduring connections and this can be feasible only with pleased customers. Salesqueen gives clients 24×7 specialized support.

Salesqueen's Favorable Delivery.

Salesqueen significance for the time and investment. Our loyal programmers are qualified and always ready to deliver the programs within the stipulated time.

Salesqueen Specialize In Joomla Development.

Salesqueen gives mobile-friendly and user-friendly web development adequate for online businesses, enterprises and openings as per the consumers’ business-centric desires.

Salesqueen's Joomla Ecommerce Solutions.

Salesqueen prepares the business to sell anything, anywhere with highly customizable and scalable Joomla Shopping cart/E-commerce solutions. We actually renovated the online store with Joomla.

Salesqueen's custom Joomla Development.

We customize the web development as per the business quality. We established a different and strong website on Joomla which is additional to none in the demand.

Salesqueen's database Synchronization.

Salesqueen specialized professionals arrange the Joomla sites in arrangement to create everything on the site similar to regional and Internet and are a reasonable option for satisfying item synchronization.

Salesqueen's Joomla Module Development.

Joomla is user-friendly and extensible. We encompass the mandatory features the firm wants which are various from the accessible edition and build a different website.

Salesqueen's Joomla CMS Development.

We entrust the online business with influential websites and web applications which receive bigger conversions developed on increased integrity of the Joomla Content Management System.

Salesqueen's Joomla Portal Development.

Our Joomla specialists have hands-on knowledge in expanding B2B and B2C portal solutions within the stipulated time frame, appropriation and customization as per the business importance.

Salesqueen's Joomla Maintenance Services

We give Joomla care services with formal assistance, updates, enhancements, bug preoccupation, improvement of any expansions, and so forth for the websites and applications.

The Benefits Of Creating Websites And Web Applications in Salesqueen.


Make sure the site is extra available to attain a bigger audience with better than 64 languages.

Interested Community

Benefited by an interested and strong community to assist the Joomla project.

Fast Upgrade

Joomla has a ‘one-click increase’. The built-in update has an automated checker which notifies updates.

Integrated help system

Joomla is simple for every degree of the user to regulate with an in-app contextual benefit system.

Progress online in seconds

Send the website online with a reasonable enrollment procedure within moments.


All the accessible templates are responsive and the site is exhibited on any mobile device.

Powerful Extensions

You may broaden the website to any importance and expand its functionality anytime.

Smart search

Progressive search options, reasonable indexing, and auto-suggest searches enable timely data search.

Benefits of using Salesqueen's Joomla development.

  1. Create influential PHP applications
  2. Search engine and mobile-friendly
  3. Responsive
  4. Substantial templates
  5. Highly comfortable
  6. In-built commerce tools
  7. Endless designs
  8. Creative
  9. Simple satisfying management

Where we can use Salesqueen's Joomla with trendy, feature-rich and responsive:

  1. Lodgings & Restaurants Websites
  2. E-magazines & eNewspapers
  3. E-commerce & reservations
  4. Faith-based Websites
  5. Non-profit & Organizational Websites
  6. Community Websites
  7. Blogging Websites

What Makes Salesqueen most Reliable Joomla Development Partner?

Salesqueen’s creativity in the Joomla web application improvement comprises a vast range of world-class details and functionalities that enable them to business evolve demand leaders.

Salesqueen's Agile Joomla Development Approach.

We emphasize customer pleasure throughout the Joomla web design and improvement method. We strive to deliver the reasonable

the solution is quicker sprints. We house a

the crew of qualified Joomla developers,

certified scrum masters, and product

owners with an agile opinion helping

nearly with our customers to maximize

their business value and ROI. We attend a

consecutive acknowledgement and development method for the enhancement of

products, processes, and services.


Salesqueen assure to deliver systematic and

credible characteristic releases for Joomla web development. Our highly qualified crew of

certified Joomla specialists use DevOps for

reasonable affiliation, software integrity, and

shorter time to demand. We exercise

consecutive reply in DevOps for

enhancing application delivery and


Salesqueen's Dedicated Joomla Development & Consulting Team

Salesqueen’s highly competent cross-functional Joomla custom improvement and consulting crews will enable in strategizing and building

explanations utilizing deep technology and clever methods across all devices. We retain a strong crew of skilled and expert Joomla

creators and consultants with substantial

hands-on experience in trending technology

stacks and third-party integrations.


There are hazards and submissions correlated

with Joomla development that have to be

taken maintenance. We request security

examination services, a safety technique

road map, and application safety

assistance. We follow reasonable practices to ensure the Joomla improvement solutions through monitoring, admission control administration, data encryption, routine penetration experiments, strict regulatory compliances, and

commission of intrusion detection and

precluding practices.

client Engagement.

We engage Salesqueen’s consumers throughout the Joomla development procedure for consecutive responses thereby providing explanations as per the client’s

regulations. With consecutive client

attention, we strive to deliver a reasonable

solution to create a favourable affect quality business.

Hire Salesqueen's Dedicated Joomla Web Developers.

Our affectionate, simple, and understandable

T&M and reserve hiring prototypes enable you to select from our pool of talented

specialists for Joomla software

improvement and consultation. We have

a squad of Joomla specialists to enable the business to influence the advantages of this outstanding open-source CMS platform. If businesses have a well-defined extent and regulations, then the restricted cost pricing prototype will be best suited for such strict obligations. With these prototypes, frame your regulations and give inputs to assure a profit for the project.



Performance Metrics.


Salesqueen’s Joomla websites are organized

maintenance in the sense the numerous achievement metrics Like reaction time, load capability, scalability with the capability to deal with an immediate surge in traffic, apex achievement, time to the main byte, page load speed, and load time.


Salesqueen's Joomla Development Services.

  1. Joomla Web Design & Development
  2. Custom Joomla Module Development
  3. Joomla Theme Development
  4. Joomla Support & Maintenance
  5. Joomla Extension Development
  6. Joomla Portal Development
  7. Joomla Plug-in Development
  8. Joomla Application Development
  9. Joomla Integration
  10. Joomla 3.9 Development
  11. Joomla Migration & Upgradation
  12. Joomla eCommerce Development
  13. Joomla Consulting
  14. Joomla Component Development
  15. PSD to Joomla Conversion
  16. Joomla Marketplace Development
  17. Joomla CMS Development

Ready for all of your Joomla support needs

Our support packages are tailored to meet your exact requirements and include some of our other services such as security patching and search engine optimisation.

As we’ve been using Joomla for so many years, we can provide a dedicated hosting environment more tailored to your website – and can recommend the right security functionality for advanced protection.

We provide the broadest possible range of support services, assisting our customers with:


  1. Website builds
  2. Hosting and security
  3. Upgrades and extension development
  4. Template installations and customisation
  5. Formatting and layout
  6. Sitemap generation
  7. Implementing traffic monitoring tools
  8. Joomla training

Salesqueen’s – Web Design & Development
Joomla Web Design.
We plan and expand comfortable Joomla sites with the organisation’s needs in mind.
Layout, improvement and assistance
Joomla is an influential CMS (Content Management System) that facilitates users to effortlessly publicize web quantity.
With a lot of experience as a Joomla specialized method, our specialists understand how to construct and expand your website utilizing industry best-practice. We’ve enforced Joomla websites for NHS providers and regional councils, as well as various other consumers who take benefit of Joomla’s ease of use, strong safety, and influential functionality such as multi-language assistance and SEO-friendly characteristics.
Previously salesqueen’s layout and development work are detailed, we bring it our preference to train you on how to organize the subject on site yourself.

Why salesqueen's Joomla Development?

Joomla strengthens nearly two million websites worldwide and its creative, scalable and customisable factors, make it a powerful choice of CMS.


Joomla’s quantity of core processes rivals proprietary alternative subject management systems, encompassing substantial growth scalability, making it extremely flexible whilst existing user and creator-friendly.

Comfortable and strong.

Built with safety as a crucial principle, Joomla’s secure and safe base makes it a primary contender for any organization seeking to maintain its online existence.

Built with SEO in mind.

As another core important feature of the platform, Joomla comes SEO prepared, encompassing built-in SEO parameters and processes formulated to exceed the competitors.


Launched in 2005, Joomla has been in the CMS demand for over fifteen years, progressing achievement with its reputation for a permanent and long-lasting platform, earning it a beneficial investment as the base for the organisation’s website.

Highly customisable.

With an open-source CMS appears enormous chances; Joomla’s large expansions and custom elements demand to bring the platform highly customisable, enabling the business to scale their website and business over time.

For associations that exist fresh to Joomla, we can request website consultancy and a quantity of Joomla training to get you satisfied with the content management methods. And for consumers that remember an occurring Joomla-built website, our web architects will be glad to offer recommendations on how to best expand the CMS set-up.


Furthermore, our crew can also instruct on which expansions to use, to facilitate the site and assure that the site is not bloated with excessive elements.


Prepared for all of the Joomla assistance desires Our assistance packages are modified to fulfil the same regulations and encompass some of our additional assistance such as safety patching and search engine optimisation.


As we’ve been utilizing Joomla for several years, we can give an affectionate hosting environment more adapted to the website – and can propose the right safety functionality for developed conservation.


Tailor-made to the regulations.


As an open-source and important CMS platform, our trained crew of designers and architects will confirm the website is built around the requirements utilizing the latest Joomla software and reasonable practices.


Salesqueen’s creators specialize in creating custom elements, significance we can completely customize the site to fulfil any of the organisation’s desires, encompassing but not limited to:


  1. Custom product and landing page templates
  2. API fed postcode and smart search
  3. Geolocation software
  4. API-driven data aggregation
  5. Custom form and multi-page form software
  6. Third-party extension integration


The organisation’s desire exists in a high level of complexity or is very easy to create. Salesqueen’s well-trained and certified creators, and web application and website developers will make it possible.

Pricing Table

Features Basic Medium Pro
Niche variations 3000 5000 8000
Drag & Drop interface 4000 5000 6000
menu variations 3000 5000 7000
custom CSS & JS code 2000 7000 1000
right support 6000 8000 12000
Advance mega menu Yes