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Mobile App Development Company in Chennai

Best Mobile App Development Company In Chennai​

Mobile Apps are developing in India for delivering your focused service/product to your targeted customers. I am one of the fastest-growing Mobile App Development companies in Chennai. At Salesqueen we have an expert team for mobile app development well experienced in Android and iOS apps for diverse industries with customer-centric features to enhance. Based on your marketing requirements we work on both native and hybrid apps. Internet accessibility built a strong huge base of mobile users worldwide increasing the number of the lowest-cost smartphones.

Types Of Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development Company

Native Apps

Native apps are the most recommended ones for best performance with the latest technologies and multi-advanced features. This app is mostly used for more security, high performance, less bug, faster execution with mobile devices, the foremost feature of the best user experience. The native mobile app is developed for a particular operating system such as android or iOS. Apps developed for Android mobiles will not work with iPhones and vice versa.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid App is developed to work on multi-operation systems, android, and iOS. Blackberry etc. We use to recommend this app type to customers for small-size featured apps it is due to complications in UI design and development for multi-platforms and operating systems.
This type of App is suitable for applications having fewer features. it takes less time and cost of development comparing native apps.
we have expert mobile app developers in designing UI (user Interface) with less complication for the hybrid apps as it runs on multi-operation systems.
we have the best app developers and design coordinators who will guide you according to the purpose of the app, marketing goals, and target audience.

Mobile App Designing Agency In Chennai

Requirements for Mobile App Development Company

We use to collect all the requirements and convey to the client about possibilities of meeting the same in development.

Used Tools and Language:

We use to design mobile app UI in Android SDK and Android studio we build and compile the applications. Google’s Android platform support apps developed using android studio. The language that is used in supporting the development is C/C++ and JAVA.  


The process and the project handling method for IOS Apps are as same as android app development. But only the tools and SDK kits used in development are distinguished from android. Website design development company also develops iOS mobile for various business requirements. There is an organization that develops an android app that also wants iOS apps to not miss out the iPhone users. 

Used Tools and Language

For developing an iOS app we use Xcode as an integrated development environment and swift as a coding language to deploy and compile iOS programming. Swift contains a set of pattern features as an alternative for objectives-C.


Every month we complete 2 Softwares and 3 + websites​

We offer flexible packs in Mobile App development and Day to day updates version. The price range is low price. one of the best mobile app development Company.​

Pricing Table

Design and Development400050006000
Quality Testing300050007000
Evaluation and Planning200070001000
Maintenance and Enhancement6000800012000