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We really think that a company’s relationships are what make it strong.sSalesqueen   has always valued forming enduring relationships with its clients and business partners. According to us, a company’s strength comes from the quality of its relationships with its stakeholders, partners, employees, and customers. We have established ten or more partners throughout the world, including the UK, USA, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, and others. We have separate partnership ideas for everyone, whether they are marketing companies, web design companies, software development organisations, or individuals. Three distinct partnership programmes, each of which was created after examining the profiles of various types of partners, have been formally established by Salesqueen.

The Private Label Partnership program is best suited for established businesses who already have the capacity to offer services to a sizable client base and that want to expand their delivery capabilities without raising costs. With the help of the Private Label Partnership programme, your business may offer all of Raga Designers’ services without having to take on the additional burden of providing them to your customers. In other words, you can hire Raga Designers to work on your projects but still market the services under your own name and set your own prices. We will serve as an extension of your staff in India while maintaining our clients’ privacy.

With the help of the franchise scheme, you can start making money right now by selling more products under a ready-made and well-known brand in web design and development. Along with the entire spectrum of our services, this program also gives you the chance to display to prospects and clients our impressive portfolio and client testimonials in order to shorten the sales cycle and boost conversion rates.This partnership program is better suited for people and small businesses that enjoy networking with prospects, have strong topic expertise, and possess the necessary sales skills but lack the necessary brand recognition or client conversion capabilities. As our franchise, you will represent us in your community, conducting client interactions and aiding in the coordination of projects that are delivered to the client.

The Referral Partnership Program is best suited for people or small to medium-sized businesses who have access to a network with plenty of potential customers and can recommend Raga Designers’ services to them. You will not be required to deal with any inconveniences associated with client administration or project management, and you do not need to have any domain knowledge in web design and development to suggest prospects. Every successful job we produce through you will guarantee your revenue, and you will receive your referral income directly from Raga Designers. The individual you recommended would be grateful to you for introducing them to a reputable and trustworthy service provider and would never learn about your referral commissions and programs for partnerships.

Pricing Table

SSL Security400050006000
Seo Features300050007000
Basic Website200070001000
Quality assurance6000800012000
Project managementYes