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SalesQueen's Promotional SMS & DND Service



Promotional SMS and DND  service are used for marketing. Salesqueen has a good reputation with our customers for the on-time delivery, quality service, and perfect software recommendation for every business. As well as competitive price, anytime support for the client even though they are in a critical situation of handling the software. Reach immediately brings the business and makes the business reach the customer who is existing and who is around the circumstances. There is no negotiation on quality and price. Because our quality of work would always be high and the price would be very reasonable.Bulk SMS is one of the largely beneficial manners of facilitating one’s own business. One can deliver complete mass messaging with an easy sole click with the tinier expense. This assists the desire of tiny firms to international firms.


Today’s business regulations pressure all to communicate instantaneously with the customers and can do so in a way that is reasonable, inexpensive, more reliable, and credible. Rely on us for rapidly, personalized, scalable, and tracking SMS solutions. If the business is fresh to sending SMS in bulk, our bulk SMS service assistance is the reasonable choice to begin and encounter the outcomes main hand. Attempt our available demo summary now. The business does not require any hardware nor does the business desire to attach a mobile phone to the computer. 

Bulk SMS Service
Promotional SMS Service


An Internet connection with an internet browser is adequate to deliver messages in bulk. Online SMS tools and HTTP API are furnished free of cost to our customers affirmed by our outstanding assistance crew. All they pay for is for the number of SMS values the business requires which in roll counts on the necessities. So, we plan to give a greatly beneficial strategy for promotional SMS services, to catapult the achievement of the business. Also, bulk SMS services can transmit recommendations and messages to handsets, in every niche of the world.

Bulk SMS Service

Salesqueen's Bulk SMS to DND service

Bulk SMS Service is a growing field. And also It is the acceptable, moreover reasonable way to pertain with our probable customers and protect them educated. It is the bare tool that attains the consumer rapidly. This is the major justification for why it is wanted by every industry irrespective of its quantity and essence. Promotional SMS and DND service used for marketing. Any business can also send bulk SMS to DND numbers by using service.

What are DND Numbers

DND stays for Do Not Disturb. According to TRAI laws, if a number is enriched in DND, accordingly it won’t attain any path of promotional and commerce SMS/Calls. Whereas non-DND quantities will collect all types of marketing SMS and calls.

Do Not Disturb Service

How to send bulk SMS to DND numbers by using salesqueen's software?

If the business likes to send non-promotional SMS to DND numbers then they can deliver to their customers by using the Transactional and Quick transactional route.

Transactional Route Service

Transactional Route

Businesses can deliver Bulk SMS to DND numbers but the news should be non-promotional. The transactional path is for delivering serious and significant messages to consumers respecting a product or service. These ways of SMS can be delivered 24*7, without any time restrictions. If the person is the owner of a company or has a brand then the person can benefit from our transactional SMS services. For this, the business people desire to accept firm papers like Aadhar Card and PAN Card.

Quick Transactional Route

Salesqueen is a recently launched route for many businesses, popular bulk SMS provider in Chennai. If you want to save time from the tedious process of document submission and verification, then you can opt for the quick transactional route. In this route, you only need to submit a message template for approval, and once approved you can start sending bulk SMS to DND numbers. We has a variation of steady and fascinating characteristics which assist the business to send bulk SMS at very accessible and reasonable prices. Businesses can send bulk SMS to DND numbers utilizing the transactional and timely transactional routes. Reach the salesqueen and begin sending bulk SMS immediately.

Quick Transactional Route Service


Salesqueen's Bulk SMS Service

If the company needs to deliver promotional SMS on dnd & non-dnd both numbers, then this is a good spot. Around our Promotional DND Bulk, SMS Service businesses can also deliver SMS on DND-generated mobile numbers. It’s DND Operations Bulk Sms Route, neither the business needs to provide any statement nor does the business put up with any permission of SMS satisfied (template). Just utilize our online panel and it will begin immediately without any hesitation. Bulk and mass SMS sending is extremely simple and reasonable with an online DND available gateway. Our online open dnd bulk SMS application is prepared to send SMS on DND OR NCPR/NDNC Registered mobile numbers without any template authorization.

Promotional Bulk SMS

Our Bulk SMS service which is utilized for commerce is called Promotional DND SMS. Promotional DND Bulk SMS is one of the inexpensive and reasonable commerce solutions. Businesses can facilitate their brand, product, service, or any request within a minute with a sole click. Businesses can deliver fresh requests, recent products, updated services, or any events exactly away. SMS Marketing is utilized for Brand Promotion, Offers, Service offers,  Product Marketing, contests, General Awareness, Event Publicity, Wishes like Happy Birthday, Happy Pongal, Happy Raksha Bandhan, and Sales Follow up.

Promotional Bulk SMS Service
Promotional SMS Service Provider

Promotional SMS Provider

In our firm sends to the business an exclusive promotional SMS service that provides instant admission to delivering bulk promotional SMS to numerous users, in no moment at all. Facilitate the services and products among their clients and probable customers utilizing promotional SMS service with rapid action.

Rapid SMS Provider

We suggests rapid messaging with delivery summaries. These messages or SMS are provided immediately and this is approved for customers who expect to facilitate their services and need people to revise their customer/contacts, give fresh customers, lead generation, etc through SMS with rapid speed. We do not take risks in quality with cost and our SMS are provided immediately.

Rapid SMS Service Provider

Salesqueen's Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS is the most productive way to send data and stimulate the industry. This is the fastest average transmission at an extremely short expense. People can furthermore deliver bulk SMS on DND-generated numbers from their online panel. We will provide best promotional SMS and DND service.

Pricing Table

TREE SMS400050006000
Promotional SMS300050007000
Toll Free Number200070001000
Bulk SMS6000800012000
Delivery ReportYes