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Introduction for ERP software:

Salesqueen ERP software is a crucial factor for automobile industry because of its fastest growing nature in terms of its productivity.  Moreover auto industry is on the verge of a revolution.  It plays a massive role in the global economy.  An Salesqueen ERP software plan, manage and deliver specific functionalities to support manufacturing business in the automotive industry.


Salesqueen ERP software enables automotive industry to access and analyze data so that they can frame more effective strategy, and make informed decisions.  As a Result overall efficiency and profitability is improved.  It empowers automotive dealers to strategize, carry out sales and leasing processes with minimal human intervention.


    • Outdated Tools to Track Operations –

Outdated systems are unable to track real-time data and so the stored information lacks the precision needed for accurate forecasting.

    • Managing Multiple Lease Agreements –

Tracking and managing the lease terms and their expiry or renewal dates manually is difficult and more often subject to human errors.

Under-quoted projects fail to yield sufficient funds while over-quoted ones are unable to convince customers, resulting in both loss of opportunities and resources.


With the implementation of sales queen Automotive ERP, the most reliable, low-cost ERP solution available in the Indian market today, your business can compete very effectively in the international arena by successfully eliminating inefficiencies from the management, administration, production and operations.


Products must pass multiple safety tests and comply with standard regulations to ensure appropriate quality.  Sales queen ERP software helps in planning, controlling and constantly improving the quality of automotive products.

Inventory management system ensures that sufficient resource material is available. Salesqueen ERP systems simplify inventory management processes and eliminate additional costs. Salesqueen ERP solutions can send alerts when certain items are decreasing in stock to preorder and restock those positions.

Managing finances is a critical aspect of any business and Salesqueen ERP software assists in budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting.

The automotive industry is subject to numerous regulations and standards. Salesqueen ERP software can help in tracking and ensuring compliance with these standards which is crucial for safety and legal reasons.

Salesqueen ERP facilitates an effective human resource management process .In addition it reduces the time an organization spends on administrative tasks. Salesqueen ERP system organize all the employee-related information. Thus, the solution facilitates employee grouping based on their job roles and statuses.

Salesqueen ERP supports the company’s internal processes and improves customer service through FAQs or a page with resolved customer requests. ERP can also integrate with an existing CRM. As a Result it  reach a wider audience, work for potential customers entering the sales funnel, convert leads into sales, and communicate with customers through all stages of the buying process.

Salesqueen ERP systems provide tools for data analysis and reporting. Thereby Allowing automotive companies to make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and identify areas for improvement.

An automotive ERP solution helps manage vendors and record detailed information about each supplier and products purchased from them, in addition to tracking shipped goods, pending orders, deliveries, agreed contracts and prices. This data facilitates relationships with vendors, helps to track all the transactions and adjusts them according to your needs. Indeed Effective vendor management helps minimize risk, prevent supply disruptions, save costs, increase revenue and retain customers.

An Salesqueen ERP system enables automotive companies to review, edit, store and manage all documents, reports, purchase and sales orders, payables and receivables, and other files on a single platform. As a result anyone in the organization can track the status of inventory, orders and allocated resources. It works like a collaborative workspace where all digital documents related to business processes and functions can be shared, eliminating communication breakdowns.

Salesqueen ERP software integrates all financial, marketing, supply chain, inventory and CRM systems into a single interface. It helps to reduce the costs associated with the lack of integration and the resulting losses. Moreover, the Salesqueen ERP system helps maximize net profit margins and streamline production by ensuring on-time manufacturing and delivery to customers.

Conclusion for salesqueen ERP systems:

In the highly competitive and complex automotive industry, as I said earlier ERP software is a vital tool for achieving operational excellence, reducing costs, and maintaining high product quality standards.  It enables companies to adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands efficiently.  When looking for an ERP solution, consult Sales queen the top software company in Chennai for ERP implementation.

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Pricing Table

Features Basic Medium Pro
Scoring rules 3000 5000 8000
Workflows 4000 1000 6000
multiple pipelines 1800 5000 7000
Mass email 2000 7000 1000
Custom Dashboards 6000 8000 12000
Canvas Yes


In other years, the salesqueen crew has worked on numerous programs. Consequently, salesqueen is a distinguished IT hub and a powerhouse of well-acquainted architects, designers, and engineers.

Naturally,  all our architects go through a detailed meeting procedure and give birth to over five years of hands-on knowledge. This is why salesqueen can employ affectionate CRM architects for salesqueen. They are competent and skilled in custom CRM development technologies and methods.

Previously we employed an architect for CRM services, we’ll begin helping on the project. The period taken to finalize the output and enactment procedure will be sure of the company’s regulations. After that, we will give a general period frame after completely evaluating the business goals.

Indeed, we accomplish. We have established various applications and sites with the custom relationship administration framework. We can handily see the case researches and portfolios on our website or get in touch with salesqueen for additional instances.


The very good announcement is that we don’t share architects among various projects. If a company employs a custom CRM architect, they will help on the project as they desire them to. We have creative hiring prototypes for any business to select from.


Custom CRM software encourages the company to get a comprehensive understanding of the business, assess the demand, tailor the marketing and deals techniques, automate the marketing workflow, as well as design progressed reporting methods for forecasting and calculation.