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Voice Call services

voice call services
voice broadcasting services

SalesQueen's Voice Call Services

To say salesqueen is an ideal software company for all software solutions. With Bulk Voice Notes/ Voice Call Services, businesses can deliver recorded voice statements via SMS or Call. It is one of the greatly impressive features of promotional or transactional SMS and it can be documented in all languages. This is highly profitable and reasonable in local commerce, relating to an enormous target audience, in their path of transmission. When voice calls are obtained only from a special quantity, it creates the dependability of a business. In our firm, experts can have instant reports on delivery and receipt of the voice notes and you can also track the listening duration of the voice calls.

Voice SMS Services

Salesqueen provides a voice to the SMS, through salesqueen voice call software. Business people can convey the message vocally to numerous users/audiences anywhere. The audios are documented ahead so that business people can communicate the message on portable mobile numbers anywhere in India with a pre-recorded voice statement by delivering in bulk. Single can completely customize the audio that is to be delivered. Hence, voice SMS service is an extraordinary path of communication wherein we can deliver the voice in the regional or the limited language to the targeted consumer. Now business owners can deliver lots of voice calls to respectable consumers.

Voice with SMS Service
bulk voice call service provider

Bulk Voice Call Service

Bulk Voice Call Service people can utilize widely for Election and Political campaigns, Lead and business generation, event management, payment reminder, online registration, Brand Promotion, Official or General Announcements, Medicine and Health reminders, Stock alerts, and Premium and EMI alert via voice broadcasting service.

Types of Voice Call Services

Bulk Voice Call

Bulk voice calls are prerecorded voice messages to portable devices or landline systems in India. It is a reasonable transmissions technology that attacks a recorded voice message to thousands of call recipients in an extremely quick duration of time.

Bulk Voice Call
Voice Call

SalesQueen's Voice Calls

Voice blast pre-recorded voice statements to a few or limited thousands rapidly. A ringing phone is difficult to avoid. Send alerts, growth promotions, and additional to consumers, employees, voters, etc. through our computerized voice calling. Send a computerized SMS along with a voice message to give more data. Benefit from our voice broadcasting assistance and send voice-based OTPs to the consumers and have the freedom of incorporating it with the choice of 3rd party CRMs and ERPs.

SalesQueen's Voice Calls with IVR

Computerized voice call enables the business to simplify feedback compilation, analyses, and votings with a single-level IVR network for quick answers. Or enable users to document an audio reaction to the marketing campaign. Utilize automated SMS for comprehensive acknowledgment based on the IVR reply. Return the call and catalyst SMS if consumers don’t react. Encompass quick URLs in SMS.


Voice Call With IVR
Voice Call with Personalization Service

SalesQueen's Voice Calls with Personalization

 Establish a unique sense with every person to reach through our computerized voice calling. Send traditional messages with data from a spreadsheet or server using text-to-speech, the reasonable voice call service. Further personalize their pieces of knowledge by enabling them to press #2 to substitute for a live dealer and spot an order, confirm an appointment, or any different action; or for the call to be severed automatically.

SalesQueen's Voice Calls with Ringless Voice Mail

 Deliver audio messages upright to voicemail through our voice call services. Forget the call and go upright to voicemail. Alternatively, customize the voice call with two messages: clam for live pick-up and the additional for voicemail. Play the initial message when an individual picks up and play the additional when it takes off to voicemail. Provide a straight message through our automated voice call service.

Voice Call with Ringless Voice Mail
voice call service providers

Voice Call Service Providers

Salesqueen is one of the prominent Voice call service providers in Chennai Establish & perform profitable voice call campaigns with limited clicks. We will enable the business to relate to its audience with voice call services. Effortlessly record voice calls via a computerized online system and deliver them to their consumers anywhere in India. At our firm gives the business a fully-featured online supervision panel. No desire to trust operators or indications to dial the call. Previously the network was established, recording the voice message, uploading the connection list, and the remainder is accomplished. Our system will call the customers as scheduled.

What is salesqueen's voice call service?

Simple to record, deliver and organize voice calls. Voice call services benefit the business to attain customers effortlessly with pre-recorded statements. Build the voice message and automate the calling method with a few clicks. Effortlessly manage and maintain lists of calls through bulk voice calling service. Utilize our services to deliver significant information like alerts/ reminders, business promotions, the latest offers and deals, social campaigns, and customer surveys.

SalesQueen's Voice call Cababilities and it's Usage


 Send the recent news, fresh updates, offers, and deals to the audience, and increase the sales revenue.

Spread the word

Business people can operate several marketing ads and campaigns to promote their business and service, informational and questionnaires to convey always.

Apprehend Feedback

Apprehend feedback responses from consumers through DTMF for comprehensive calculation and documentation.

Reach the Business to the Next Level

Attain ultimate consumers in no time and circulate information effortlessly with the lowest cost.

Boost the productivity of the business

With automated calls increase business productivity and focus on recent verticals of business.

Fire Alarm Setting

Alert inmates on events or parties of any flame occurrence by delivering automated voice warns to all the units.

User-Friendly Panel

Effortlessly set up and enforce bulk voice calls with our strong and user-friendly platform.

Segment Audience

Determine the audience established on the user’s personal and target utilizing numerous voice calls.

schedule Voice call Campaign

List the calls for a particular date and time. Therefore, The system will automate the rings.


Supports Numerous Languages

The software appears with custom language characteristics to enter a larger audience.

SalesQueen's Excellent Support Team

Salesqueen’s support crew is accessible round the clock to enable our consumers at every phase in voice call services.

Pricing Table

Cloud Technology400050006000
Voice Software200070001000
Storing Database6000800012000
Customizing LanguageYes