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Guide to integrating zoho books with Woocommerce, WordPress:

zoho books combination with WooCommerce

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We help you in Integrating Woocommerce WordPress orders to Zoho Books

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Integrating Zoho Books with WooCommerce Step 1: Log in to WordPress Step 2: Click on Plugins > New Plugins > Search for Woo-Zoho Alternative Step 2: Download file Step 3: Upload plugin to Add New Plugins Page Step 4: Activate the plugin Step 5: Now, go to woocommerce >  Settings > Zoho > Create and Merge your Zoho account Step 6: You can create and send the link to the owner to merge your Zoho account via WhatsApp. However, if the account is merged with the current mail id, then you can continue with your system. Step 7: Select the options to send it to the Zoho books invoicing software. Step 8: Now place a dummy order. Step 9: Go to Zoho feeds and look at history to see if data is sent successfully or not. If not, there must be some problem in step 7. Step 10: Open your Zoho books and search for Sale > Customers Step 11: You can find the details of customers who have placed the order in the customer field. Note: We will update invoices only in the paid version, not in the free version. You can see the demo to integrate Zoho invoices for free.

How to send Woocommerce Invoices to Zoho Books for free

Note: As of my experience there is no plugin or third-party extensions available. In fact, till now [22 – 02 – 2022] there is nothing to do for free. Anyone will suggest their ways all are different in prices and subscription. 

  1. Woo Zoho (Yearly Subscription starts at $119/Year)
  2. Zapier (Price comparatively high and monthly subscription. Average price of Rs.3000/Month)
  3. Zoho suggests a plugin, which is available in Code Canyon. But currently, it is not available.

How to Activate Zoho Woocommerce Integration Premium Version

  • Step 1: Go to Zoho Logs in Woocommerce
  • Step 2: Scroll down and look for the Premium version
  • Step 3: Click and Activate the Premium version and it will redirect to the website payment gateway
  • Step 4: Purchase and Activate it.
Note: Woo Zoho is the only option to integrate both at the lowest price. If you are a Developer there is an option  to buy 5 sites at one time
zoho WooCommerce integration for premium version