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11 seo checklist to stay Rank No.1

SEO checklist And Strategies To  Stay Competitive

  1. For all SEO checklists, you need to stay on rank no. 1.
  2. First, We know every website owner, want their site to rank top in search engine result.
  3. But it is not an easy task to appear on the first page.
  4. Also to rank, your website on top, Search engine optimization is the most efficient domain.
  5. In addition, there is much competition, so you must keep yourself updated with new trends.
  6. Also, redefine your SEO strategy to rank higher.
  7. That is why you need the 11 Seo Checklist to stay ranked no. 1.
  8. Likewise, we are here to share some of the amazing trends.
  9. Also strategies of SEO from experts of SEO companies, in Chennai.
  10. It will make sure, you are in a race with your competitors.

1. Proper SEO Web Audit:

  1. Firstly, the fixing and strengthening of online relevancy of a website is a procedure done by,  SEO audit and standard operating
  2. The SEO audit is to analyze the website, and assess what action is required, to best optimize for search engines.
  3. Mostly the focus on SEO audit is done by, the professional service of a prominent, SEO Company that facilitates.
  4. So, most importantly, to review the back end of the website, for various problems that are slowing it down.
  5. Also, it can assist in pushing up more in search rankings.
  6. All these you need the 11 Seo Checklist to stay ranked no. 1.

2. Best UI/UX design:

  1. First, in recent years similar principles have been, adopted in the web designing field, to the customer’s needs. 
  2.  So, satisfaction has been around since the very dawn of consumerism, that too in recent years.
  3. Similar principles have been adopted in the web design field.
  4. Whatever it may be the first impression of a website is very important.
  5. Mainly if your goal is to convert the users of your website into customers.
  6. Since 2020 there are many new approaches to SE, which signs to look at one of the most crucial components.
  7. Component of, SEO shared by experts – the UI/UX design.
  8. Websites are very easy to change your business tremendously.
  9. By this, the research-based company FORRESTER says, Customer Experience based strategy drives seventeen percent revenue growth.
  10. Whereas the others just do three percent.
  11. So Get your website’s UI/UX design done perfectly, with the best web designing company in Chennai.

3. Mobile-friendly features, sort out issues with mobile:

  1.  Also, most smartphone users never take an effort, to browse a website that isn’t formatted for mobile.
  2. So be careful that your mobile customers never move away.
  3. Ensure that most importantly, your website is ready with a mobile-friendly design.
  4. Try to sort all the issues in your website, with reputed SEO.
  5. Meanwhile, that finds obstacles to your mobile-friendly website design.
  6. And as we know more than 50% of people use mobile devices.
  7. So it is better to focus on your efforts, on mobile search especially with, Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update ‘Mobilegeddon’.

4. Website Loading speed:

  1. If your website is with the best UI/UX design, with quality content, but a very slow loading time.
  2. Then it fails to attain its plan.
  3. There are some unnecessary functionalities and features, that are never used by potential customers.
  4. So you must take this into an account while creating a website.
  5. If you are ensuring your website is loaded in 3 seconds, with the best SEO services.
  6. Then it will be from a renowned SEO company in Chennai.
  7. Above all, it is essential most importantly, for helping potential customers to have interaction with your website.
  8. Meanwhile helping to grow your visibility in the search engines.  

5. Keyword research with Search volume and Competition:

  1. In SEO strategy the Keyword unlocks the door of efforts, of being discovered and engaged with people online.
  2. Without keywords, you can do nothing with your website.
  3. It is the process of researching general, industry-focused terminologies and phrases, that handle search traffic on SERP.
  4. The tools used by the major SEO company in India are MOZ Keyword Explorer and Google Keyword Planner.
  5. Therefore, it is to find the average search volume for explicit terms, along with keyword suggestions.
  6. Also depending on what was provided.
  7. For SEO mostly high search volume keywords will be used, but the volume may differ.
  8. It will not be in the same volume every time.
  9. The search terms change when the user’s search behavior changes.
  10. Every six months, it is important to check the search volume, with the keywords to stay competitive.
  11. Similarly, all you need is the 11 Seo Checklist to stay ranked no. 1 on Google.

6. Social media presence:

  1. The social media platform has taken, the shape of a simple recreational pastime into a powerful marketing tool.
  2. Powerful marketing tool is mainly for business.
  3. According to STATISTA, 970 million social media users around the world in 2010.
  4.  That figure is now approaching Two point five billion an increase of 253%.
  5. To build natural backlinks through publishing high-quality content.
  6. On such networks that people will be inclined to share naturally, Social networking platforms are a great place.
  7. Social media is the one that gives your website, and blog content, and an excellent place to live and encourage discussion.
  8. One of the major benefits of social media presence is the potential reach your content can get.
  9. While your pages can be more than a promotional platform.
  10. Search engines take social signals as the major factor in SEO ranking.
  11.  SEO companies recommend that business marketers, not ignore the social media presence in their overall SEO strategy.
  12.  Websites with massive social followings will rank better for specific keywords.
  13. This can be due to the direct, or indirect result of the social media presence.
  14. The best SEO company service will offer, social media optimization service to help businesses develop quality.
  15. Also shareable content for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and more.

7. SSL certification to make your website browse with HTTPS://:

  1. Firstly, HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
  2. As an important factor google has emphasized HTTPS everywhere.
  3. The aim of Google is users must experience, the best experience.
  4. Since HTTPS protects users’ information and information from hackers.
  5. Similarly, secure websites with SSL certificates will help in the crusade.
  6. Therefore, We all know, that the E-Commerce website needs an SSL certificate. 
  7. The next step is to enable the HTTP on the website, through your SEO service.
  8. This helps your website not be pushed down in the ranking, due to ‘not being secure’ by the competitors.
  9. In addition, When your website is not secured with an SSL certificate it will be ignored by the big companies. Yes, as a web design and web development company in Chennai.
  10. Therefore, we know that only the SSL certificate, can’t be the highest protection for your website.
  11. But technically SSL is not giving security to the website, it is based on the type of web hosting, and the way of security development.
  12. But it has become mandatory, in the website standard in SEO algorithms.
  13. With the help of SEO checklist, you will stay ranked no. 1.

8. Search optimization:

  1. The factor behind the growth of voice and search optimization has been improved user experience.
  2. It is because of intelligent loudspeakers and virtual assistants, that the queries are performed very naturally, quickly, comfortably, and efficiently.
  3. Also, tools like Schema Markup ensures, that Google has got most of the details of your business, and makes strong voice search rankings, that grow your brand effectively in the long term.
  4. The competition is already high, SEO services experts warn that the success of voice searches is the result of demand, and is a golden offer for, businesses to adapt to the growth.
  5. Competition is very high that is why you need the 11 Seo Checklist to stay ranked no. 1.

9. Make your content comply with Google’s Latest Algorithm “BERT” & “E A T”

  1. In addition, for the right audience, who carve for the content you distribute.
  2. It heavily depends on how your website ranks on google.
  3. By this, you will be reaching high in the SERP, which is nothing but easily reachable for the audience.
  4. However, also when you rank higher you will be visible higher.
  5. All this depends on the awareness of its algorithm updates, by the experts of SEO service companies in Chennai.
  6. EAT Explains the Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, of the website content.
  7. The happiness of the visitors can be affected, by these specific web page content.
  8. In addition, people find that information extensive, trustworthy, and quenching their queries.
  9. Since the website ranks high, for those websites which have high EAT.
  10. Similarly, The long-tail keywords can be implemented, more naturally within the content, so the BERT brings focus on it.
  11. The search results for voice searches are usually longer than text queries.

10. Build quality backlinks:

  • Similarly, you must collect as many backlinks, as you can to get a higher ranking.
  • For your website on search engines, you have to collect quality backlinks.
  • High-quality backlinks to a website signal to Google, that it has met the criteria for having.
  • One of the important search-ranking factors covered.
  • That is why you need the 11 SEOChecklistst to stay ranked no. 1.
  1. However, Creating worthy content with an amazing link is an excellent way to create quality backlinks.
  2. You must get backlinks from websites, frequented by your ideal customers, for driving more traffic to the website.
  3. Backlinks are a good way to direct traffic, to your website from the websites linking to yours. 
  4. Focus on building relevant links slowly over months rather than weeks.

11. Check your progress regularly:

  • Similarly, Yet the work is not finished, even though, you have set up your search engine optimization campaign.
  • By the great SEO service.
  • As your SEO performance ebbs and flows, check your progress periodically.
  • Helps you catch problems and bang successes.
  • Keep all these 11 Seo Checklists to stay rank no. 1.
  1. The organic traffic amount you receive from ranking is significant evidence of your SEO strategy’s impact on users.
  2. As you keep tabs on visibility level, from the search engine result page.
  3. The SEO tool used by the popular SEO companies in Chennai, for website auditing and monitoring is ahref.
  4. It is known as the second fastest web crawler, used for backlink audits, keyword research, competitive analysis, and URL rankings.
  5. Your bounce rate must be noted carefully, several people leaving your website, only by visiting a single page, show you how captivating your website is for visitors.

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