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SSquare Construction

SSQUARE construction

Ssquare construction website was built and maintained by Salesqueen Software Solutions in the year 2022. They are a construction company based on Chennai, aimed to generate leads vis website. SSquare Construction company started in the year 2012 to build the structure in the construction field and to provide quality works in residential and commercial building works. We have completed more number of projects in past years and maintain excellent customer satisfaction throughout Chennai. The premium quality construction material used by S-Square construction makes us to look different from others. Get pricing estimation from us and compare with others, the difference will be huge. S-Square construction stands there, Give us your building work, we will deliver it on or before time with 100% satisfaction.

Website Built on (Year)2022
LocationChennai, Tamilnadu, India
TypeWordPress Plus website
Server Side TechnologyPHP, XML
Client-Side TechnologyJquery, Javascript, HTML, CSS
Website UsageTo generate leads for builders and promoters
Framework UsedWordPress
Overall Service ProvidedWeb Design + Google Ads

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