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Digital Visitng Card Post

In April 2023, Salesqueen Software solutions proudly designed a cutting-edge digital visiting card  to cater  all types of businesses. Our innovative approach revolutionizes the traditional visiting card concept, providing a dynamic and interactive digital alternative. With our expertise in software development, we crafted a user-friendly platform that allows businesses to create personalized digital visiting cards that can be easily shared across various digital channels. This digital solution enhances professionalism and convenience while reducing environmental impact. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, our digital visiting card solution offers a modern and efficient way to make a lasting impression in today’s digital age.

Loyal Wings Visting Card Post

In March 2023, Salesqueen Software solutions took pride in developing a professional and visually appealing visiting card for Loyal Wings, a prominent software company specializing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Our dedicated team meticulously crafted the visiting card to represent Loyal Wings’ expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional ERP solutions to businesses and individuals worldwide. The visiting card showcases a perfect blend of design elements, branding, and contact information, leaving a lasting impression on recipients. With our expertise in graphic design, we ensured that the visiting card accurately represents Loyal Wings’ professionalism and stands as a powerful marketing tool for the company.


In May 2022, Salesqueen Software solutions, a leading web designing company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, crafted an enticing post for a 10-day special offer on Umrah journeys. Our team meticulously designed and developed a captivating post to showcase this exclusive opportunity. The post highlighted the unique features of the special offer, such as personalized itineraries, luxury accommodations, and expert guides. Leveraging our expertise in graphic designing, we created visually appealing graphics and engaging content to capture the attention of the target audience. By incorporating SEO keywords strategically, we ensured maximum visibility and reach for the post. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary Umrah journey—explore our enticing post and embark on a transformative experience.

Tech Colloboration post

In February 2023, Salesqueen Software solutions forged a valuable technical collaboration with Gojan College, solidifying their commitment to innovation and excellence in the technology sector. This partnership signifies a dynamic synergy between Salesqueen’s industry expertise and Gojan College’s academic prowess. By joining forces, they aim to drive transformative advancements in software solutions and empower the next generation of tech professionals. This collaboration opens up new avenues for knowledge sharing, research, and development, creating a platform for students and faculty to engage in real-world projects and gain practical industry experience. Salesqueen Software solutions and Gojan College’s collaborative efforts will undoubtedly shape the future of technology, benefitting both the company and the academic community alike


In January 2023, Salesqueen Software solutions successfully developed a Dubai A2A (Airport to Airport) Post, showcasing their expertise in website development. This project exemplifies their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions for their clients. The Dubai A2A Post website incorporates advanced features that enhance user experience and functionality. With seamless navigation and responsive design, users can easily access and navigate through the platform. Salesqueen Software solutions also implemented robust search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, ensuring the website ranks well in search engine results, attracting relevant traffic and increasing visibility. The Dubai A2A Post website stands as a testament to Salesqueen Software solutions’ proficiency in website development and their dedication to providing top-notch solutions for their clients in Dubai and beyond.


In April 2023, Salesqueen Software solutions created a captivating post titled “Our Little Princess.” This heartwarming post celebrated a special someone who holds a dear place in the hearts of the company. With creativity and attention to detail, Salesqueen beautifully captured the essence of this beloved individual. Through engaging content and visually appealing design, the post conveyed the joy and love surrounding the little princess. Salesqueen’s dedication to creating memorable and personalized posts exemplified their commitment to delivering meaningful experiences to their clients.


In April 2023, Salesqueen Software solutions successfully completed the development of the Winz Quote Post system for a client. This efficient system streamlined the process of requesting a Winz quote by enabling customers to easily submit their requests through the website’s user-friendly interface. The submitted requests were then swiftly reviewed and approved by the dedicated department at Salesqueen. Once the approval was obtained, the company promptly initiated the work, ensuring a seamless transition from quote to project execution. This timely and organized approach further solidified Salesqueen’s commitment to providing top-notch services to their clients

Ayodhya Darshan website developement

In June 2023, Salesqueen Software Solutions successfully developed a tourism website for Ayodhya darshan Tourism, aimed at providing comprehensive details about the enchanting destination. Ayodhya darshan is known for its rich historical and cultural significance, and the website showcases the mesmerizing beauty and attractions of the place. Our team meticulously designed the website to offer visitors a seamless browsing experience, enabling them to explore detailed information about Ayodhya’s landmarks, historical sites, local traditions, and more. The website serves as a one-stop platform for tourists to plan their visit, discover popular attractions, and gain insights into the captivating history and cultural heritage of Ayodhya darshan. At Salesqueen, we are committed to creating informative and visually appealing websites that promote tourism and facilitate memorable travel experiences

Dr.UshaRani logo creation

In March 2023, Salesqueen Software Solutions successfully developed a logo for Dr. Usha Rani. The logo represents Dr. Usha Rani’s professional identity and reflects her unique personality and expertise. The combination of green and pink colors creates a visually appealing and distinctive logo that catches the attention of viewers. Green signifies growth, balance, and harmony, while pink represents compassion, nurturing, and femininity. The logo design showcases Dr. Usha Rani’s commitment to providing holistic care and her vibrant approach to her profession. At Salesqueen, we strive to create impactful and visually captivating logos that effectively represent our clients’ professional brand and leave a lasting impression.