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Web Development

Ayodhya Darshan website developement

In June 2023, Salesqueen Software Solutions successfully developed a tourism website for Ayodhya darshan Tourism, aimed at providing comprehensive details about the enchanting destination. Ayodhya darshan is known for its rich historical and cultural significance, and the website showcases the mesmerizing beauty and attractions of the place. Our team meticulously designed the website to offer visitors a seamless browsing experience, enabling them to explore detailed information about Ayodhya’s landmarks, historical sites, local traditions, and more. The website serves as a one-stop platform for tourists to plan their visit, discover popular attractions, and gain insights into the captivating history and cultural heritage of Ayodhya darshan. At Salesqueen, we are committed to creating informative and visually appealing websites that promote tourism and facilitate memorable travel experiences

Osho meditation Chennai

In December 2022, Salesqueen Software Solutions successfully developed the website for Osho Meditation Chennai, an esteemed OSHO Meditation Centre. Our team made significant enhancements to the website, starting with a customized logo design that captures the essence of Osho’s teachings and represents the serene atmosphere of the center. We also revamped the “Why Choose Us” section to emphasize the unique features and benefits of Osho Meditation Chennai, enticing visitors to explore the center’s offerings. Furthermore, we redesigned the services section with visually appealing cards, providing a clear and engaging overview of the different meditation services available. At Salesqueen, we are committed to creating compelling websites that effectively convey our clients’ values and offerings to their target audience.

No one cares

In January 2022, Salesqueen Software Solutions collaborated with No One Cares, a prominent influencer and digital content creator, to develop their website. Boasting a massive following of over 1 million dedicated fans, No One Cares required a dynamic online platform to engage with their audience. Our team successfully integrated key features into the website, including seamless integration with YouTube. This allows visitors to easily access and enjoy No One Cares’ captivating video content directly on the site. Additionally, we leveraged the power of Instagram by incorporating live API integration, enabling real-time updates of No One Cares’ latest Instagram posts. This integration ensures visitors stay connected and up-to-date with their vibrant social media presence. At Salesqueen, we are committed to delivering exceptional web solutions that elevate our clients’ digital presence and engage their audience effectively

VSS Event management

In December 2022, Salesqueen Software Solutions successfully developed a website for VSS Event Management, a reputable company specializing in corporate and business event management services. The website showcases VSS Event Management’s expertise in organizing and executing various types of events. Our team crafted five in-depth classic pages that highlight different event management services offered by VSS. One of the prominent services featured on the website is catering, ensuring clients have access to top-quality catering options for their events. With a user-friendly design and seamless navigation, the website effectively represents VSS Event Management’s professionalism and commitment to excellence. Trust Salesqueen for all your web development needs, and let us help your business thrive in the digital world.

Srilogos temple construction website

In June 2022, Salesqueen Software Solutions successfully developed a website for Srilogos Temple Construction, a renowned temple construction service provider with over 30+ years of experience. The website caters specifically to NRIs (Non-Residential Indians) interested in temple construction projects. Our team implemented various features to enhance the user experience. Notably, we integrated a visually stunning gallery that allows front-end photo uploads. Over 300 photos were meticulously edited and uploaded to the site, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors. At Salesqueen, we strive to deliver exceptional websites that showcase our clients’ expertise and achievements. Contact us today for all your web development needs.

Gootaxi Taxi Website Development

In January 2023, Salesqueen Software Solutions, a renowned web designing company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, successfully completed a website development project for Gootaxi Taxi Service Providers. Gootaxi specializes in providing one-way taxi, round trip, and business trip services. To enhance their online presence and user experience, our team integrated advanced features into their website. Notably, we incorporated a dynamic cost calculator that utilizes the Google Maps API for accurate fare estimation. Additionally, we implemented a custom cost calculation facility, allowing users to tailor their fare calculations based on specific requirements. With our expertise in website development, Salesqueen Software Solutions continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Contact us today for all your digital needs, including web development, e-commerce solutions, digital marketing, and more.

Nuevo Lighting To Deliver The Highest Standard In ENCAP LED

In June 2022, Salesqueen Software solutions successfully developed the website for Nuevo Lighting, a company dedicated to delivering the highest standard in ENCAP LED, resin, and other related technologies. Our team incorporated several features to enhance the website’s functionality and user experience. The website features a visually striking dark theme, creating a modern and immersive ambiance. We also included dedicated pages for careers, providing information about job opportunities, and a news page to keep visitors updated with the latest company updates and industry news. With our expertise, Nuevo Lighting now has a professional and captivating website that effectively showcases their commitment to excellence in ENCAP LED and resin technologies.

Unisearch gas analyser website development

In June 2022, Salesqueen Software solutions successfully developed the website for Unisearch Gas Analyser, a reputable provider of gas analyzing technologies to larger manufacturing companies. The website showcases their expertise in the industry and offers a range of features to enhance the user experience. We created an in-depth single product page, providing comprehensive information about their cutting-edge gas analyzers. Additionally, we incorporated a dynamic blog section, enabling the admin to regularly upload research and development updates. The website is designed to be 100% responsive, ensuring optimal viewing across different devices. With our expertise, Unisearch Gas Analyser now has a professional and user-friendly website that effectively promotes their gas analyzing technologies.

Rs realty real estate website

In October 2022, Salesqueen Software solutions successfully developed the website for Rs Realty, a renowned real estate company specializing in the sale of lands, plots, and apartments through their online platform. Our team incorporated several key features to enhance the functionality and user experience of the website. Notably, we integrated their prestigious awards into the website, showcasing their industry recognition and credibility. Additionally, we included a comprehensive builders list, highlighting trusted partners and collaborators. To provide an advanced land search functionality, we implemented intuitive tools for users to easily find and explore properties. Through our expertise, Rs Realty now possesses a dynamic online presence, effectively showcasing their properties and delivering a seamless experience to their customers.