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Fab Fragrance

Fab Fragrance

Fab Fragrance website was built and maintained by Salesqueen Software Solutions in the year 2022. Fab Fragrance offers you a wide range of home fragrance solutions company based on Chennai, aimed to generate leads vis website. We offer you Home fragrance solutions, Room freshener, Car freshener, Roll-on /Attar, Men’s perfume, Women’s perfume, and Cup Sambarani. With Fab fragrance’s home fragrance products, you can always make sure that your home is fresh, inviting, and a reflection of your personality.

Website Built on (Year)2022
LocationBagalur Road, Hosur,Tamilnadu, India
TypePremium WordPress website
Server Side TechnologyPHP, XML
Client-Side TechnologyJquery, Javascript, HTML, CSS
Website UsageTo generate leads for home fragrance 
Framework UsedWordPress
Overall Service ProvidedWeb Design + Google Ads

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