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Best Web Design companies

Website design is concerned with the appearance of websites on the internet. Website development usually refers to the aspects of user experience rather than software development. Traditionally, web design focused on designing for desktop browsers, but since the middle 2010s, designing for mobile and tablet browsers has become increasingly important.

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Salesqueen web design offers different types of web design and development. Following a review of the best web design and development firms in Canada and Singapore. Now we’re heading to Europe to check out some of Switzerland’s best web design and development firms.  How did we come up with this list? We, too, struggled to find Swiss-centric web designs, so we asked designers to send us examples of their work. The result is an enormous list that you can scroll through at your leisure. To examine in more detail, we’ve chosen just a few of the best from that list.

website designing

Never Crew

As far as information is concerned, this blog lacks transparency, which might be considered an internet marketing faux pas. Yet something tells us that this death of content is no mistake – instead, there is a gallery of artworks that are front and center on the page layout. The images on this Website are entirely black and white, and it has a very modern appearance. The drawings on this site are strange and hand-drawn, and if you click on the ‘About’ button, you’ll learn this is the website of a street art collective. Now it all makes sense!

hinderling Volkart

This website’s entire home page is a stunning image slider made out of sections of a vertically built website and it doesn’t take a long time to find traces of the company’s cultural heritage the first image is a large 3D replica of a hot air balloon above the Swiss Alps! This is a firm that is glad to wear its nationality on its sleeve!

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Amaze Labs

Amaze Labs specializes in Drupal web development, as well as consulting and other services. With a strong typographic style and a color scheme evocative of Google’s Material Design language, this website demonstrates several international design trends (think lots of flats, contrasting pastel shades). This is a great website, however, if we had to offer one little criticism, the hamburger menu on mobile screens appears to be a little large.

Spoiled Milk

This company is in the business of ‘having brought ambitious brands into the connected world’ and has several high-profile clients, such as Toys R’ Us! The Website is neat and minimal and makes great use of white space (a hallmark of great design). It also uses a lot of light blue colors, which is a soothing color scheme that encourages visitors to stay on the website for longer periods.

website designing


IBL is a branding firm that works both online and in print, as well as assisting in the creation of beautiful locations in the real world. With high-resolution photos and dynamic lines, the website is made up of dark greys and blacks. The entire layout is extremely well-designed and one-of-a-kind. The gradients in the menus are lovely, as is the ‘fading in’ effect when you press the hamburger button.

Avalanche Design

Another design firm with an eye-catching website. It’s one-of-a-kind, abstract, visually appealing, and image-heavy. Furthermore, the responsive design is animated, which means that when you expand and contract the window, all of the images move across the page, which is incredibly innovative and cool!

Previously, this website was simply called ‘Marc Bally’ (the company’s founder) and featured a similarly nice skeuomorphic design that allowed viewers to browse a portfolio by clicking the links in the left-hand menu.

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