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Ahalan Travel and Tourism

Ahlan Tours and travels

Ahalan Tours and Travels website was built and maintained by Salesqueen Software Solutions in the year 2022. They are one of the leading online travel portals  based on Chennai, aimed to generate leads vis website. Ahalan Travels and Tourism offers you Visa, Tour Package, Airline Ticket, Immigration Service and Certificate Attestation. It is one of the best ways to travel hassle-free with seamless planning, arrangements and transfer being taken care of, booking tour packages from India.

Website Built on (Year)2022
LocationChennai, Tamilnadu, India
TypeWordPress plus website
Server Side TechnologyPHP, XML
Client-Side TechnologyJquery, Javascript, HTML, CSS
Website UsageTo generate leads for visa, tour packages, airline ticket, immigration services and certificate attestation
Framework UsedWordPress
Overall Service ProvidedGoogle my business + logo Design + website development + poster Design + Bulk Whatsapp SMS + Standy Design

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